4 Easy Ways To Feel Healthier in Your Body


With spring comes the excitement of sunshine, fresh flowers and warmer temps. Over the past 3 weeks you have added in some spring foods, reduced your sugar intake wrote love notes to your body and as a result are hopefully clearer and more confident. This week we will be discussing the addition of four healthy routines you can add to your day for greater holistic well being. 

Purchase a Neti-pot:
If you are like me, you may suffer from seasonal allergies. When I lived back east my allergies were so bad I couldn’t leave the house some days. It was awful! The last year I lived in New York City, I controlled my allergies better with weekly acupuncture visits and my neti pot, which helped me breathe a little easier and subsequently saved my personal life! If you haven’t already, I encourage you to purchase a neti-pot. This has helped me with allergies but also for sinus issues and colds. A neti-pot looks like a mini teapot which you use to help clean out your sinuses with some kosher salt. I still use mine on a daily basis to keep my sinuses healthy and I even travel with it!

Consider Dry Brushing:
Dry Brushing is another healthy habit you can start adding into your morning routine. Dry brushing is popular in Ayurvedic practices and helps to exfoliate, stimulate sweat glands, open up pores and helps to get the blood moving in your organs and tissues. It also helps to get rid of dry skin and make our skin appear healthier and brighter which is great for our Spring Fling. I like to start on my chest and make circular motions out to my arms and legs. I do this a few days a week before I take a shower and I really do notice a difference with my skin, it literally shines brighter! On the days I don’t dry brush I like to use a sugar scrub in the shower.

Vitamin D and Fish Oils:
I always encourage women to eat for their health, but even when we are eating super healthy we might not be getting the proper amount of nutrients. In order for our bodies to absorb calcium we must have enough Vitamin D in our body. The best way for our body to absorb Vitamin D is from the sunshine, but most of us (even those of us living in a warmer sunny climate) are still not getting enough since we usually spend most of our time in inside. In addition to a Vitamin D supplement, I also encourage you to take a probiotic in order to keep the bacteria in your gut healthy while also aiding our immune system. Consider a high quality fish oil as well as it supports our hormones and keeps our mood balanced. If you are not getting your daily dose of fruits and vegetables (at least 3-4 servings) I encourage you to also support your body with a multi-vitamin.

Wear Sunscreen For Sensational Skin:
As the days get warmer and warmer you will start wearing short sleeves, dresses and tank tops so please remember to always wear a wide brimmed hat to protect your beautiful face from the sun. Also try and find an organic, chemical-free sunscreen to put on your face and chest. I really like the Badgers brand and you can find that at Whole Foods. Just a warning, it contains zinc oxide so you will need to rub it in more than other sunscreens.

I hope you had as much fun as I have with our Spring Fling! I have really enjoyed sharing how you can look and feel your best by making small changes to your diet and lifestyle. I truly hope some of my nutrition and wellness tips resonated with you and you have either given them a try or will soon.

I’d love to continue to support you and speak with you individually about your nutrition and wellness goals. If you are looking for support and guidance I encourage you to find time to schedule a Discovery Health Session with me. In this session we will take a look at what you are eating, how you are feeling and I will make suggestions on different foods and lifestyle changes you can easily make to help your body feel more balanced.

Enjoy the spring my loves, you have definitely earned it this year!


Katie + Danielle


Writing Love Notes to Our Body with Katie Bressack

Katie’s Bio:

A lover of all things health and wellness, Katie Bressack is an LA based holistic health coach supporting busy women in their quest to live healthier and more balanced lives. Her home is Katiebressack.com and she plays daily on Instagram and Facebook where she shares health and wellness inspiration.

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