3 Ways You Can Benefit From a Life Coach


Life coaches.

Do I need one?

It’s such a great question and looking for the answers can be too overwhelming to comprehend!  In an effort to gain a smidge more clarity, you might find yourself Googling the term “life coach,” but you will quickly find the infamous search engine will generate well over 8 million results in less than a full second! What modern day woman has time for that kind of arduous research? But, being the decisively discerning and curious creature that you are, you’re committed to getting the cold hard facts and you want them  pronto. I’m here to help!

As a writer, a seeker, a practicing psychologist AND life coach it would be my deep pleasure share the benefits of Life Coaching.

1. Diminish self-doubt

Believe in yourself woman, and know your value because you are fantastic! Self doubt is often the only barrier standing between where we are and where we want to be, so in the wise words of Taylor Swift, shake it off!  Wrestling with fear and self doubt is a natural part of being human, but when I’m working with a coaching or therapy client, we work on revolutionizing the relationship they have with fear and self-doubt.  That means learning to see these emotions as teachers and guides without allowing them to keep you stuck.

2. Gain some clarity

Personally or professionally confused as to where your future is headed? A Life Coach or Therapist can act as a compass, helping you to uncover your deepest dreams and desires, the road blocks that might be getting in your way from making it happen and finally point you in the best direction! I want my clients to deeply understand that their dreams must not be an afterthought and DO matter. They have the power, at any moment, to come back to what is most true for them and live from that place.

3. Establish meaningful rituals

A Life Coach will help you determine what matters to you most & find ways to incorporate them into your everyday life. The establishment of meaningful rituals helps cultivate a life full of purpose and passion. I created a set of daily, weekly and yearly planners called the ‘Make it Happen’ series that can help you stay on point and on purpose regularly.  You can download them all for FREE right here, m’love.  Movement, nature and silence are the biggies for me.  Silence and nature both help stabilize and ground me while also encouraging me to connect to my truth.  Movement has such a colossal effect on my general sense of clarity and happiness.  These three elements are always apart of my day or week in some way.

Want to book a session? 

While no one absolutely needs a Life Coach, just about anyone and everyone can benefit from one! I have experienced first hand the empowering impact of life coaching. After only three sessions with my own life and business coach eight years ago I decided to put uncertainty and fear to the side and return to graduate school to earn my masters and doctorate in psychology.  Just a few years after that I began my blog and coaching business and am inspired everyday with the lovely and motivated clients I am privileged to work with.

If you have been on the fence at all regarding hiring a Life Coach I hope this post has energized you to do so.  I would jump at the chance to be that guide and support for you and if feel the same please feel free take a peek at my packages here. 

Who wouldn’t want every aspect of their life to be truly inspired and joyous?



image credit: @alilanenga

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