How To Live Your Life On Purpose (free Ebook!): 17 Insights From Women Who Know

How to Live on Purpose eBook

When I was in high school, I was one of those honor-roll + eight-different-activities + volunteer-gig-on-the-side kids.

Once I got to college, I interned and grade point averaged my way into a good job.

After I graduated, I kept my nose firmly to the grindstone, cramming in time for the workouts I thought I should be doing, the letters home I thought I should be writing, the relationships I thought I should be developing.

I did everything within my power to live The Right Way. If someone had given me a multi-page outline for A Successful Adult Life, I would have followed it.
And probably asked for the footnotes.

But none of this made me feel whole.

I did everything I thought I should do and I still felt a little dull.

A bit emotionally washed out. A little is-this-all-there-is?

Because I wasn’t actually living my life on purpose.

I was letting it live me.

I made a lot of changes when I had this epiphany (you can watch a video version of my story here) and I funneled all my hard-won wisdom into my book Soul Sessions.

I am so, so proud of Soul Sessions that I wanted to reach out to other women who had discovered that a life you love takes work and active effort.

For a whole month, 17 of my favorite women shared their living-on-purpose stories with the internet … and we collectively scribbled notes because each post was filled with soul-shaking wisdom. So much wisdom I knew it needed to be in book form.

May I present to you How To Live Your Life On Purpose: 17 Insights From Women Who Know. It’s 68 pages of smarts, insight, and ideas that just might change the way you navigate your day to day.

Even better, it’s totally free. Download it here and dig into that inspiration.

How to Live on Purpose eBook


A huge thank you to all the clever women who shared with us:

Mara Glatzel // Rock Your Bliss // The Curvy Fashionista // Yes and Yes // Your Super Awesome Life // In a Sequoia // Kristi Ling // The Wonder Forest // Anastasia Amour // The Freckled Fox // Amanda Krill // Danielle Zeigler // Corinne Dobbas // Jessica Lawlor // Hey Eleanor // Gutsy Girl Wellness // Kelsey Grant

Do you know someone who’s living life on autopilot? Send them a link to this post as a gentle nudge in the right direction!

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