An Ode to Love (on the heels of my recent wedding!)


Love is primal.  Love connects us to our mission, to other people and — most importantly — to our own unfolding selves. Love in its darkest, most foreboding of forms, can be unnerving. It can sting, decimate, and dismantle. But there is a particularly riveting flavor of love: passionate love. The “Oh man, I’m standing […]

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The Life You Want Most — Get it Here

It’s here! Finally! My book Soul Sessions: A 5 Week Guide To Crafting Greater Joy And Making Big Things Happen In Life launched today. BUY NOW $39 I made this book just for you.  You, with the impressive job you don’t love anymore. You, who thought you’d feel complete once you got married. (And you […]

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Why Do Relationships Hurt? | How to Hurt Less + Love More

How to love more in relationships

Being one half of a couple can be wonderful, inspiring, heart-poundingly lovely. Romance! Compliments! Someone to share inside jokes with while giggling into your cocktail! Being single can be thrilling, invigorating, heart-poundingly lovely. Flirting with charming strangers! First kisses! Going wherever you want, whenever you want! While single-ing and partnering both have their merits, like […]

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3 Ways To Date Better + Find the Person Who is Right for You

3 Ways to Date Better

Our relationships are a direct reflection of our own self-worth. Who we love is intrinsically tied to our level of self-esteem. Every day, clients tell me that they’re in a relationship with a person they care about but their needs aren’t being met. And every day, my sweet, smart, lovely clients ask me how they […]

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How to Find the Perfect Partner (+ a free download)


Maybe you’ve heard of these mythical creatures. Or seen them in movies. Perhaps your best friend/sister/neighbor is even dating one. The Perfect Partner. They always clean up after themselves. They plan surprise weekend getaways. They buy sweet, thoughtful gifts and spontaneous bouquets. They say things like “I’m so lucky to be with you” and “You’re […]

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Our Love Story: The Secret to Making Marriage (+ Relationship) Last

mr and mrs

One of my favorite past times is asking couples what makes their relationship work. Recently,  I was fortunate to sit down and hear the story of Cindy and Ken Schmale who have been together for 25 years! What’s the secret to making marriage/relationship last? This question can be a difficult one to answer.  In my […]

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Dear D, I’m Getting Mixed Messages From A Guy

negotiation anecdote post

Hello Danielle, I met this amazing guy on a dating site, he was very sweet, funny, charming, cute, smart and great to talk to. Everyday, he would text me and/or call me first, and even send me cute little good morning texts. Two weeks later, we decided to meet up and we finally did, five […]

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How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work (sweat required)

how to make a long distance relationship work

This post originally appeared on the uber talented Michelle Vargas’s website Fart With Headphones On.  I was thrilled to write it for her + delighted to share it now with you! ***************************************   Long distance relationships are not for the fearful; they’re for the audacious. The brassy, bold + brave. You exchange massive time alone for fleeting […]

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4 Signs You Should Breakup With Him

Signs You Should Breakup With Him

We’ve all been there. You and your honey have been together forever and a day. You’ve even mentally designed the ideal wedding,  kitchen island counter-top and  the kids’ grammar school graduation. But lately, the relationship is hitting the skids and getting through an average day feels like wading through knee-deep Mississippi mud. You thought you’d […]

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