Want Life To Feel Easier?

How to Make Life Easier

You have the ability to literally create what you want in your life. When we make a choice to be successful and joyous everything actually gets so much easier! Being in this choice, to live the greatest life we know how to live, is the result of being very focused on answering the question–”What do […]

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Everything you desire is around the corner!

get everything you want

Beautiful Soul, You’ve helped more than you know. You’ve done so much better than you realize. And you’re closer than you think. The purpose of today’s post is simply to remind you of life’s pure magic. Of how powerful you are and how far you can and have reached. Yet, it can be easy to […]

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LAST Chance! How amazing are you willing to let your life be?

gary pepper swimming

Hi beauty! Did you miss your invite to build a BIG, joyous life with me at a super discounted rate? I wanted to give you the heads up that this offering is expiring in just a few hours! You can fulfill your true desires and live your life fully on purpose. You can have a […]

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My Fear of Lack (+ Transforming Your Life)


Are you afraid that you might not achieve the lifestyle, career success and level of financial freedom you desire? OR… if you do achieve it, it might be taken from you in some way? This is the fear of lack. And I deeply suffered from this fear for so long. I thought I couldn’t have […]

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What the Best Virtual Assistant Looks Like For YOU

What the Best Virtual Assistant For You Looks Like

Hello there! My name is Indigo Colton and I am a virtual assistant. I’ve been doing this for over a year now, and one thing that I’ve realized is just how hard it is for business owners to find VAs to help them get to the next level. I was tired of the secrecy that […]

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4 Ways To Attract Deep Love + Success In Your Relationships


Hi bright soul!  Of course you want to be loved and in love! It’s only natural of you. Human beings are built to be in relationships with one another and we are happier when we are in quality partnerships built on mutual respect, trust and affection. This is why it can be so hurtful and […]

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The Braid Method: Branding for Creative Entrepreneurs


I’m thrilled to share this e-course from Braid Creative all about branding for creative entrepreneurs. Not only is the course fantastic, but right now is the perfect time to get a leg up on planning for the fall and winter. Kathleen from Braid Creative has put together a description of the course, plus a special […]

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