My Fear of Lack (+ 5 Days Left To Transform Your Life)


Are you afraid that you might not achieve the lifestyle, career success and level of financial freedom you desire? OR… if you do achieve it, it might be taken from you in some way? This is the fear of lack. And I deeply suffered from this fear for so long. I thought I couldn’t have […]

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What the Best Virtual Assistant Looks Like For YOU

What the Best Virtual Assistant For You Looks Like

Hello there! My name is Indigo Colton and I am a virtual assistant. I’ve been doing this for over a year now, and one thing that I’ve realized is just how hard it is for business owners to find VAs to help them get to the next level. I was tired of the secrecy that […]

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4 Ways To Attract Deep Love + Success In Your Relationships


Hi bright soul!  Of course you want to be loved and in love! It’s only natural of you. Human beings are built to be in relationships with one another and we are happier when we are in quality partnerships built on mutual respect, trust and affection. This is why it can be so hurtful and […]

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The Braid Method: Branding for Creative Entrepreneurs


I’m thrilled to share this e-course from Braid Creative all about branding for creative entrepreneurs. Not only is the course fantastic, but right now is the perfect time to get a leg up on planning for the fall and winter. Kathleen from Braid Creative has put together a description of the course, plus a special […]

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You Don’t Have To Shine


Hey babe!  As you may know I earned my doctorate in psychology a few years back and while a love a great casual novel (The Goldfinch, anyone?) I also try to keep up with reading one spiritual or academic book a month-ish. Well, June was such a lovely surprise because I happen to pick up […]

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The 6 Biggest Biz Mistakes I Made + What You Can Do to Prevent Them

online business mistakes

Today’s blog post is brought to us by the lovely and inspiring Stephanie from The Loudmouth Lifestyle. She’s a multi-passionate entrepreneur with some killer insight, so let’s dig in! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Let me take a wild guess: You’re a blogger.  So am I.  And along this blogging journey, I’ve made tons of mistakes.  I have no […]

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Monday Motivation: How You Become REAL


Hey babe, happy Monday!  Growing up I had a short stack of childhood books that brought me great joy. And while many have gone missing over the years there is one in particular I have cherished with great care, The Velveteen Rabbit.  If you are not familiar it is the timeless nursery story of a toy […]

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Yes, you know what to do (+ taking your power back)


You know: what to say + why to say it; he won’t change his mind; she gave the best she could–so stop expecting more; you have a choice and are not, in fact, “stuck.” You are not confused & know exactly what to do. You know you’ve been telling yourself + the world half lies. […]

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By Letting Go It All Gets Done (+ the space in-between)


I’ve sat down a few times recently in hopes of writing something wise + luminous. It hasn’t worked out. I have: a list of working titles. lists of partially developed posts and heaps of mantras + metaphors. But nothing really wants to gel. Ever been in this space? Somewhere amidst the in-between of conception + birth? In […]

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