You deserve better than “as good as it gets” (look what I made you!)

You’re a smart, talented, successful woman. You did The Right Things – the impressive degree, the prestigious job, the perfectly decorated home. And it feels good. But not great. Or, at least, it doesn’t feel quite how you imagined it would. Your job isn’t as exciting as it once was and your partner and friends? […]

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I Have No Patience

i have no patience

I found this excerpt by Meryl Streep so powerful that I have revisited it several times over the last 3 weeks. I thought you might be inspired and moved by it just as I have been.  xo! “I no longer have patience for certain things, not because I’ve become arrogant, but simply because I reached […]

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Want to start an online business? I can help!

  Interested in knowing how I ‘do it all’? Juggle speaking gigs, clients, a day job, social media and one very handsome fiance? Hint: I don’t. After more than three years of blogging and running my online business, I’ve assembled some amazing time-saving, sanity-rescuing strategies + a whip-smart team who helps me. I’ve been able […]

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How to celebrate people who make you angry

celebrate people who make you angry

We’ve all got ‘em. That co-worker who regularly doles out backhanded compliments. That neighbor with the loud, weeknight parties. Like, every week. That family member whose political opinions run counter to your own and feels holidays are a great time to bring up immigration reform. (Are your shoulders up around your ears just thinking about […]

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4 words to avoid if you want a happier life

4 word to avoid if you want a happier life

For years in my late twenties and very early thirties I felt stuck. I had a career that no longer satisfied me, a broken romantic relationship, and an unhealthy relationship with food and money. It seemed I’d inadvertently manifested the very life I’d been desperately trying to avoid. What happened? I’d spent so much time […]

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Asap! Urgent! Emergency!


The urgent. That’s what we are conditioned to do first. Deep down, of course, we know it’s ‘the meaningful’ and ‘the important’ that warrants our attention, not the urgent. Yet, how often do we find ourselves putting off the beneficial trip to the gym, the 5 or 15 minutes of silence to sit quietly before […]

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Friendship + Pancakes


Such a good time at brunch today with one of my best girlfriends Markia and her 3 month old son Everett!  Look at all that hair! Happy Saturday! xx

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Whoo-hoo! Want to introduce your business to my 20K + readers?

Tumblr- Inspire

  Can you believe it’s already June?! It’s been warm here in L.A. since, well, April but somehow June just makes summer feel real, you know? I’m dedicating my summer to some thrilling, hush-hush projects, spending time with lots of friends on lots of patios, and (as per the usual) trying a few tweaks to […]

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Normal is boring

Maya Angelou Quote

We all have ideas of what ‘normal’ looks like. Jeans and a button up and tasteful jewelry. Job in an office. Saying This Thing at That Time. Reacting This Way to That Event. And when we don’t think we’re normal – When we want to wear shredded jeans and an old concert t-shirt When we […]

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What are you waiting for?

courage my love quote image

Today’s gorgeous guest post is gifted to us by Megan Silva. She is the founder of Artful Publications, the resource for creating eBooks & online products and a bright soul. Enjoy! Are you waiting for the right time to make that dream happen? It’s yours. You can see it – feel it – and it’s […]

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