Desire Ultimate Freedom & Success In 2016?

Mindfulness, Money and Men Online Program

Sweet Soul, can you believe it’s ALREADY February? Doesn’t it seem like the holidays were just here? Quick question: How are your New Year’s goals coming along? Are you on your way to the career success you dream of? The abundant bank account? What about the body and romance you not only desire but deserve? […]

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Feeling Overwhelmed?

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Friends, a bit of real talk. I have been feeding myself a lot of negative mental garbage lately.  I’ve been telling myself I am overwhelmed and don’t have the focus or attention span to work on all the projects I am involved with AND juggle clients. “I will flounder if I try”, I say. And […]

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Feel ‘stuck’? Is it just me?

5 Key Shifts To “Undoing” Your Negative Past, Stopping The Self-Sabotage

I was speaking with a client the other day who, like most of us a some point or another, feels kind of “stuck.” Nothing terribly bad, just not where she wants to be. I can remember feeling this way SOOO many times throughout my life, my career, even with my relationships. The TRUTH is this: […]

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Soul Sessions: Live Abundantly with Passion and Purpose (Live Events!)

Soul Sessions Live Events in Los Angeles at Wanderlust Hollywood

To all my L.A. sisters! I am absolutely honored and thrilled to be hosting a six month speaking series  beginning Thursday January 21st on How to Live Abundantly with Passion and Purpose at Wanderlust Hollywood — a place to practice, listen, taste, learn, and gather. Wanderlust Hollywood is a fusion of classes and experiences from […]

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How to STOP Standing Still

How to Stop Standing Still

Often, the most difficult experiences in our lives offer the greatest reward. And when I say “often”, I mean “always”. (And I know from personal experience. Like, when I worked a fulltime job, went to grad school at night and all day on Sunday’s while also launching my blog and private coaching business? (There were […]

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A Gift to You, as Thanks from Me

Free Yearly Planner Download

I already have my plans for New Year’s Eve. I’ll be spending it the way I’ve spent the last several—snuggled up at home with the people I love. There will be yoga pants, good food, and a few glasses of red wine. I sense my dancing on the table days are gone, and my soul […]

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7 Gifts That Give Back


Gift giving is an expression of love. It doesn’t have to be shallow. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t have to be materialistic. Gifts are a love language, because giving them is an opportunity to not only show your appreciation for and celebration of someone, but also to show that you truly know […]

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Pay It Forward This Holiday Season

pay it forward holiday

Who doesn’t love the holiday season? Maybe it’s the lights on every home and in every window, shining in the darkness. Perhaps it’s the time spent with the people you love, over great gifts and good food. It might be the eggnog I think it’s the opportunity. The unending opportunity to show love through giving. […]

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How to set yourself up for success

How to Set Yourself Up For Success

Gratitude is the precursor to true success. Every time and all the time.  Success begins by finding enduring gratitude for: The ex-boyfriend who tore your heart open with grief + consequently forced new light in. The article that changed your perspective. The doctor was reached just in time. The stern but sincere friend who refused […]

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But what if it all worked out?

But what if it all worked out?

“But what if he doesn’t call me back?” “What if I don’t get the job?” “What if I never earn the money I need?” “What if I don’t lose the weight?” “What if everyone hates my book/art/speech/idea?” What if you took all the steps to create the life you wanted +  it didn’t work out? […]

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