Why Moms Get NOTHING Done + March Ad Space

march ad space

I’m not a mom, but I can totally believe this! Plus, I know tons of my friends + clients can relate. Speaking of feeling overwhelmed, are you feeling frazzled trying to attract the right target to your website? I think I can help. Who advertises here?  Coaches of all sorts. Graphic, Web designers + Yogis. […]

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Do You Have Your Dream Job? Here’s How To Make It Happen

Jessica Nazarali Coach

Back when I was working in the corporate world, I day-dreamed of quitting my job and creating my own company. I knew I wasn’t cut out for the corporate grind forever. I wanted to travel, I wanted to have a family eventually, I wanted to work at 4 in the morning when I needed to, […]

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A BIG Announcement (Let’s hang out in L.A. together!)

Lifestyle Design Camp in LA

How happy are your goals making you today? Happy people are more creative, productive, caring, and intentional. Creativity, productivity, care, and intention not only makes you a better leader, but these traits will also put you on the fast track to attaining any aspiration you have in life. Not only that, being creative, productive, caring, […]

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Betty White’s 93rd Birthday Flash Mob and February Ad Space!

feb ad space

I think it might be physically impossible NOT to smile when you see the pure JOY on Betty White’s face! How fun is this?! And speaking of fun, I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying my corner of the internet! I’d love to introduce you + your products to my amazing readers. My readers are interesting, educated, […]

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Why Being Authentic is So Much Hotter than Being Perfect

You are enough

For many, many years I attached my happiness to a series of numbers: The numbers on the scale. The numbers in my bank account. The numbers in my phone. The number of friends on Facebook, the number of comments on a blog post, the number of retweets on Twitter. Now, intellectually, I know this is […]

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The #1 Way to Keep Your Resolutions This Year

keep resolutions

Creating long-lasting change can be a challenge at any time of the year! Unfortunately, the pressure is magnified in January, which is historically considered the best time to create change.  Resolutions can be life changing soaked choices as long as you do it right and shame inducing disappointments if you do it wrong. Sick of […]

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January Coaching Intensive: Jumpstart 2015 in a Bright, Satisfying Way


The new year is rearing her gorgeous head and I’m sure your inbox and RSS feed are inundated with ideas about how to make 2015 your best year yet. But maybe you need more than ideas. Maybe you need a (kind, loving, warm-hearted) push in the right direction. Maybe you’ve read and loved Soul Sessions, […]

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What to do with my heavy expectations (+ Making Good Stuff Happen)

heavy expectations

If you’ve ever met me (or if you’ve read more than three blog posts) you know I want to make good stuff happen. I want to drink green juice, fit in a good workout, write something mind-blowingly good, catch up with friends, sign a new client, meditate, and give a presentation to a group of […]

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