4 Easy Steps to (Still) Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet!

Easy Steps to Have Your Best Year Yet

With just 51 days left in 2016, it can be all too easy to give up on your big dreams; the goals you envisioned when the year felt fresh and new! But don’t get down on yourself, love—we all do it. We start out with good intentions, but soon get distracted and discouraged. Too many […]

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Want Results? Your (FREE) 5 Day Challenge to Reignite Your Life!

Get More Results from Goals

Hi love! Can you believe it’s November already?! If you’re anything like me, you started the year with big intentions and even bigger goals! How’re you feeling as 2016 comes to a close? It’s okay to be honest—have you somehow along the way, gotten discouraged and distracted? Why is it that some people can create […]

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Reset Your Mind, Body, and Spirit for The Best Spring Ever!

spring reset tips

Summary: This article will outline six different ways to thoroughly “clean up” your mind, body, and spirit. Packaged as a short, one-week program (with one tip per day, and one day of rest), readers will feel wholly refreshed and revitalized and ready to take on the next quarter of the year! Tips will include: write […]

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The Spiritual Keys to More Success

Learn the Spiritual Keys to Success

Three years ago I woke from my sleep with a stabbing pain on the left side of my abdomen. I tried everything to diagnose the pain: blood tests, ultrasounds, cat scans. But there was nothing physically wrong with me. “It might be . . . stress?” one doctor weakly offered. That would make sense. In […]

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My go-to trick to get out of fear quickly

trick to get out of fear

A few weeks ago, I sat down to do my morning “soul work”—essentially, a morning practice that helps me to spiritually align and connect with the Universe before I start my day—and as part of it, I read Lesson 48 in the workbook section of A Course in Miracles. It was, as they often are, […]

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You Are Not Responsible for Other People’s Happiness

Flower Heart

It’s hard to be a human. It’s the reason that I do the work that I do. For as much as I know that it’s possible to be happy and abundant and successful, I realize just how difficult it can be to get to that place (especially without support). So what I find interesting is […]

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Want to make more money?

I want to share with you one of my favorite “secrets” about money: there is NO lack of money in the world and there is more than enough money available to you. I’m serious. And I know you might think I’m crazy if you struggle with money, or the concept of abundance, but that doesn’t […]

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Are YOU ready?

Are you ready for changes

I just don’t understand why people make excuses for not being successful. Of course, very few actually realize that they’re doing it. Everyone says they want more money, more time, more love, more freedom—but when it’s time to put in the work, they say . . . “Oh wait, I’m not ready.” Enough with the […]

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It’s never too late (until it is)

It's Never Too Late to Start Over

Something happened yesterday. Barely 10 minutes into a call with a client yesterday (a VERY talented person), she wanted to know if I thought it was “too late” in her life to course correct… To pursue the dream and the career she most desired for herself. Her “soul purpose” that’s sat quietly in the back […]

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Getting What You Desire In Love (February 18th in Los Angeles!)

Getting What You Desire In Love

To all my L.A. sisters! I am absolutely honored and thrilled to be hosting another workshop THIS coming Thursday, February 18th at 7pm on Getting what you desire most in love & relationship at Wanderlust Hollywood — a place to practice, listen, taste, learn, and gather. Wanderlust is a fusion of classes and experiences from […]

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