Monday Motivation: 5 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Smile More :-)

reasons to smile more

A smile is one of the world’s most powerful gestures!   Yet, even the sweetest, sparkliest and most optimistic of individuals are not safe from the clutches of pessimism and the occasional bitchy resting face! Together, we can turn those scowls into smiles and to reference that famous that all too famous quote, ‘you’re never […]

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Monday Motivation: 5 Reasons Why Embracing Change Works

embracing change

Change is one of those scary, inevitable parts of life. It comes in all sizes and shapes and seems to happen whether you’re ready or not. It might show up in the form of a new relationship, a new job or perhaps the end of a friendship and when it does it has the power to interfere […]

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Date the partner who is sure they want to date you!


I am fortunate enough to speak to, on average, 25 bright, gorgeous, spirited clients a week.  The majority of these clients are woman–close to 90%– and they are exquisite. She is usually good at what she does and wants to be great or stuck in some area of her life and wants to get unstuck. […]

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Monday Motivation: “Let whatever you get done today be enough.”


Happy Monday you spirited soul, you! A few weeks ago I was nestled at my desk with a giant cup of coffee, a bun on my head and one determined attitude. I had a “To-Do” list three pages long and was resolute on not moving until I whipped through it all like a boss babe […]

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Funny things are happening to my face (+ the only constant)


Hi sweet souls, I will be 39 years old this coming year and since I hit my late 30s (nearly 40s!–oh my!) there have been many physical changes—most notably my face. My hope-driven efforts to defy gravity and counteract the undeniable and visible etches of time on my body are just that–hopeful. The crows feet […]

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So, you screwed up. (Now, how to apologize)

how to apologize 1

Saying “I’m sorry” is seldom pleasant or easy, so if you’re going to do it at all, let’s make it count! An important part of apologizing is learning not to make excuses.  We can get scared and do or say something hurtful, inappropriate or insensitive. And, rather than facing the incident head on with a […]

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Do you need a friend detox?

friend detox

A few months ago, I met an old friend for lunch. We’ve been friends F-O-R-E-V-E-R. But something funny happened over our sushi. She rolled her eyes when I told her about the ebook I’m writing. She made a passive aggressive comment when I ordered my green juice. (“Oh. You’re one of those people now?”) And […]

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I’m a (lovely) mess. And so are you.

lovely mess

“I trust you to finish this project – you don’t need to check in with me.” “You know what? It’s totally fine the invitations are white, not ivory. Nothing’s perfect and I’m sure no one will notice.” “I happen to love this dress. I don’t care if you think it’s unflattering.” The above are statements […]

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What to do with my heavy expectations (+ Making Good Stuff Happen)

heavy expectations

If you’ve ever met me (or if you’ve read more than three blog posts) you know I want to make good stuff happen. I want to drink green juice, fit in a good workout, write something mind-blowingly good, catch up with friends, sign a new client, meditate, and give a presentation to a group of […]

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The Life You Want Most — Get it Here

It’s here! Finally! My book Soul Sessions: A 5 Week Guide To Crafting Greater Joy And Making Big Things Happen In Life launched today. BUY NOW $39 I made this book just for you.  You, with the impressive job you don’t love anymore. You, who thought you’d feel complete once you got married. (And you […]

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