Why you should get angry; Lean in to be Liberated

Why you should get angry; Lean in to be Liberated

A friend recently did something that made me truly question their character. Well, to be honest, they did a few somethings that made me raise an eyebrow but this was the very last straw and I found myself feeling pissed. Like, flames-coming-out-of-my-ears angry. I know what you’re thinking. I spend a lot of time writing […]

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Normal is boring

Maya Angelou Quote

We all have ideas of what ‘normal’ looks like. Jeans and a button up and tasteful jewelry. Job in an office. Saying This Thing at That Time. Reacting This Way to That Event. And when we don’t think we’re normal – When we want to wear shredded jeans and an old concert t-shirt When we […]

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Expect to Offend Some People (be you anyway)


Here are some things I’ve done that have offended people: a) voiced my political opinions b) taken a few fries off their plate c) used the wrong pronoun d) worn white jeans and sequins when I ‘should’ have been wearing a dark, subtle suit If you’re alive, breathing, with blood pulsing through your veins, you’ve […]

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How to be Happier Today: 36 Ideas to Climb Out of a Bad Mood


“NOTHING EVER WORKS OUT FOR MEEEEEE!” These are the words that I (rather melodramatically) whisper-shouted a few days ago while pawing through my bathroom cabinets. After a 16-hour work day and ages stuck in traffic, I’d officially reached that overtired, non-rational emotional state where just about anything will push you over the edge. And in […]

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What if it all worked out?


“But what if he doesn’t call me back?” “What if I don’t get the job?” “What if I never earn the money I need?” “What if I don’t lose the weight?” “What if everyone hates my book/art/speech/idea?” What if you took all the steps to create the life you wanted + it didn’t work out? […]

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Making BIG Things Happen in 2014 (your new year’s goal setting guide!)


Traditional goals get forgotten. We’ve all made them. I’ll go to the gym five days a week! I’ll never eat pasta again! One glass of wine per week!  Max! I’ll be in bed by 10 pm every night! They can be overwhelming if they aren’t connected to what deeply matters to you. They can make […]

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January Jump Start Sessions (brand-new intensive one on one coaching!)


The new year is rearing her gorgeous head and I’m sure your inbox and RSS feed are inundated with ideas about how to make 2014 great. But maybe you need more than ideas. Maybe you need a (kind, loving, warm-hearted) push in the right direction. You’re not just going to write down a few resolutions […]

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How to stop self-doubt (+ grown up decisions)


At some point you will have to decide: I don’t want to worry as much battle as much compare, judge or self sabotage as much.   It will be liberating + oh, so grown up of you. It will be part of becoming more spiritually evolved. It will be epic. At some point you will […]

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Do Better (+ how I royally messed up)


I messed up. Like, big time. I should have known better. I thought I did know better. Life can be messy. One part spills over and mashes into another. Never stagnant; ever shifting; interconnected + paradoxical. Rendering the whole bit slightly out of our hands. Have you recently (or not so recently) had a colossal […]

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Your Pain is not an Excuse (sorry)


I’ve heard it before + I am not having it. Not. at. all. Don’t tell me you’re afraid of opening up or: success, failure, or love. Because you’re not. Petrified of loss? Humiliation? Bankruptcy? Sorry, it’s just not true. Don’t want to write it, sing it, or declare it because you fear you won’t measure […]

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