The #1 Way to Keep Your Resolutions This Year

keep resolutions

Creating long-lasting change can be a challenge at any time of the year! Unfortunately, the pressure is magnified in January, which is historically considered the best time to create change.  Resolutions can be life changing soaked choices as long as you do it right and shame inducing disappointments if you do it wrong.

Sick of resolutions that don’t stick?  Want to actually see them through this year?

Lasting change requires more than a list + a resolution. And many times this is where our planning stops–with an intention but no action.  The number one way to make your resolutions stick is to repeat healthy behavior.  Consistency is the name of the game! There is loads of empirical evidence that points to repetition as the key to creating lasting, sustainable change. New habits are created as a result of redirecting and creating new neural pathways in our brain.  Repetition of a healthy behaviors helps us re-map the brain turning them into long lasting, empowering habits. This is exactly how we make changes stick!

To help you stay consistent with your New Year’s resolutions I’ve got some FREE tools for you!  I keep a daily calendar of priority tasks, can-waits and BIG dreams.  Remember that as we constantly, consistently remind ourselves of our goals and big ideas, we keep them at the forefront of our minds and they are much more likely to happen.

Pop over to my Free Stuff page and pick up: The “Make it Happen” Daily, Weekly and Yearly goal setting guides. They will help remind you what you’re working towards, how you’re going to get it + how amazing it will be when you get there! 

Don’t wait any longer to become the most joyful version of you!  xx!



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