My mission is simple: To rile you up inside.
And yup, it’ll be uncomfortable.
We’ll dust off rusty assumptions + patterns.
Challenge preconceived notions of love + possibility.

And then?
Calm you down with soulful wisdom + clarity of integrity. The entire focus is on you.
I’ll give it to you straight while encouraging you to make decisions
and envision future possibilities. We will bring your truth into being.
Make it tangible.
+ then it will belong to you.

Are you ready to live in this place?

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I’ve been married for 16 years and the past few years the relationship hasn’t been good. When you mentioned that you wanted to make your boyfriend feel loved and feel safe, something inside of me melted. I realized that I needed to give. I made up my mind right then and there that I was officially “dating” my husband again. The very next day my new thought process changed us dramatically. Since then, I feel like we’re better than ever. We’re giggling like newlyweds and have that passion back. I cannot thank you enough!
Janeane P. Interior Designer, Costa Mesa, CA