Monday Motivation: The Secret to a Happy Life

Happy Monday Lovely,

One of the secrets to a happy life is regular small treats! Twitter_logo_blue

I feel this sentiment down to my core. Having something to look forward to is a powerful motivator and we grown ups are not so different than our seven year old selves in this manner. Remember how the promise of reward convinced you to do such (eye rolling) tasks as cleaning your room, eating broccoli and brushing your teeth before bed? I invite you to spend the next twenty minutes making a list of all the small treats that bring you a burst of true happiness. Write down the things that make you feel good, the sounds you love to hear (my favorite is champagne bottles popping!) foods you love to eat, scents you love to smell and the places you like to visit. Sitting by the ocean, incense burning, sharp black coffee and a morning view, lavender scented candles, fresh cut flowers an exotic cheese plate and crisp white wine to match. Whatever it is, write it down. 

When you have a list of at least ten to fifteen small treats, grab colored construction paper and cut into index card size or take a pack of index cards and write out one treat per card. Feel free to decorate your cards with glitter and/or stickers. The key is to keep your cards somewhere you will see them often. Perhaps in a small box by your bedside? There is, of course, no limit on the number of treats you can have! Feel inspired to add more as they occur to you and then once a week (or as many times as you like) choose a card at random from the box and treat yourself.

The secret of being able to enjoy small treats fully?
No judgments, no apologies. Simply enjoying your treat knowing you deserve it. 



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