10 Reasons Why Women Need Women

why women need women

Carly Jacobs is a freelance writer, blogger and jewelry designer based out of gorgeous Melbourne, Australia.  She’s been a regular contributor at Australian Cleo magazine and she’s also been featured in Cosmopolitan and Bust magazines.  She writes regularly about life, love and how to be an awesome, Type-A Virgo like her at Smaggle.com.  Pop over and say hi!

I’ve never been overly fond of women, in general. I’m a traitor to my gender. Always have been. I’ve never liked the way women are so emotional, holding onto negativity and allowing this to steer their decisions and behaviours. The pack mentality scares the shit out of me too. Oh and the way women are so vain! I know I have a narcissistic blog of self appreciation but I reserve the right to hate women who are obsessed with themselves. I’m a simple creature. Men, are simple creatures. This is why I have always chosen to spend all my time with men. Until very recently. Allow me to explain.

I went to an all girls high school where you were lucky to make it through the day without being publicly humiliated or backstabbed by the throngs of uniformed bitches that you were forced to spend every week day with. Even if, like me, you tried to remove yourself from the cesspool of crap you were somehow sucked in. I think this oestrogen overload is what originally fueled my distaste of women. From graduation point onwards I chose to spend my time with men and counted that most of my meaningful relationships were with males.

At the ripe old age of 26 I’ve realised that I have some incredible women in my life. I’ve also realised that I NEED them in my life. Here is why I need them…

Women are psychic

I’m constantly amazed by my ladies who seem to feel when I need them. Sending me an encouraging text when I’m having a hard day or showing up at my front door with wine and cheese when I’m feeling lonely. The emotional part of women that used to repel me is indeed becoming one of the qualities that I most admire in my closest lady friends. Men won’t know how you feel unless you tell them… or you start crying.

Women say what you need to hear, not what you should be hearing. And sometimes they do the opposite.

Men are straight shooters. Women will throw a perfect curve ball right when you need it. Sometimes you need someone to agree that your life has hit rock bottom. Sometimes you need to be told that you’re being a freaking princess. Women know when to soothe and they know when to scold… and they know that both should be accompanied by a good red wine.

Women touch

I’m a very touchy person. For around 5 minutes. Then I get awkward. Occasionally, I need to be forced into touching. Women know when you need to be held, even if you try to push them away. Women know that sometimes, no means yes.

Women nurture

When you live away from your man and your mum there is nothing more wonderful than having a woman cook you dinner, make you tea, lend you her ugg boots and cover you with a blanket when you fall asleep on her couch.

Women talk

And talk. And talk. I love that I can revisit the same conversation again and again and still find new things to add. Men want to discuss it once and preferably, never again.

Women remember

Everything. The name of the guy that you kissed in a club three years ago, your birthday, your favourite chocolate. You’re lucky if men remember your last name half the time.

Women saturate you with love

When a woman loves you , she LOVES you. The adoration that can come from one woman, aimed at another is so warm and genuine and rare. It’s all encompassing and will make you wonder why you ever thought you needed a man.

Women are warriors

Women are fierce. Women are tribal. If one of the tribe is wounded, no mercy will be shown. I must mention my dear friend Gina at this point. When I was 19 I had a spectacular and rather nasty break up where I remained in contact with the man in question. All other friends were perfunctorily polite to said man after the break up. Not Gina. Said man approached us one day and after man and I exchanged niceties he asked Gina how she was. Her reply? ‘Fuck off!’. Perfect.

Women are intelligent

Women see, women feel and women are thoughtful. Women will make you look at a problem from a different angle and will support the softer voice in the argument.

Women are loyal

Women forgive. Women can make colossal mistakes. We all do it. Thankfully we have the grace to forgive… and not forget. So we can remind each other next time when one of us messes up.

What about you lovely reader? Any qualities of your lovely ladies you would like to share? Or mention a particular woman that makes you smile?

Love Lady Smaggle, Carly Jacobs