3 Healthy Ways to Cope With Failure

3 Healthy Ways to Cope With Failure

Dear One, you are infallible. 

Wow, I’ve never heard this before, you may be thinking. In fact, I’ve been told my whole life that I’m fallible, to expect failure, and pain and upset as a result of such failure. Yet, perhaps the time has come to re-imagine failure as you know it, as you’ve been conditioned to know it. 

Failure is simply a means of determining what is better and best for you.  

A “way” to sift and sort through the contrast of life experiences and decide what you prefer.

If the adventure you know as failure is only ever a means of aligning and moving you closer to personal happiness, is it a “failure?” If failure is an exquisite inroad on the roadmap to your greatest joy and elation, then are you ever really failing? Is failure actually success spelled differently? 😉

Furthermore, if you’re relating to failure in this new, refreshed, high vibrancy way, then are you not infallible? How can you fail if you’re succeeding? This isn’t to imply that there likely won’t be hurt feelings or disappointment when a project or desire doesn’t come to fruition in the time frame one wishes. This will occur, and yet, those upset, insecure and overwhelmed feelings are The GIFT of “failure.” Yes, a gift!  Prickly feelings are THE sign that one is in disharmony, going in the wrong direction. They’re the sign on the side of the road that says, “Dead End,” and you’d be served by turning around. 

How To Cope with Failure + Celebrate Lessons Learned

1. As soon as you feel the knee-jerk reaction of self pity, regret and anger that may accompany “failure,” stop yourself, take a breath, and remind yourself that you signed up for this “course” to live on the EarthPlane, and that every time you are triggered by failure, it is as if The Universe is announcing: “Lesson, dear one! Lesson. This is a lesson opportunity!”

2. Then ask this very important question of yourself, which is much more vital than wallowing in the emotions of failure: WHAT IS MY LESSON HERE? When you slow down to answer that question, and you gain the wisdom that comes from answering that question for yourself, you will find that the upset around “failing” quickly eases off and may very well vanish.

3. Celebrate your failures by identifying the lessons + how they helped you! You are doing so well! You have slowed down, recognized there is a lesson or lessons inside every perceived failure and have even gone so far as to identify what the self-growth opportunity lessons are for you. Well done!  

Next step, dear one, and it’s an essential one, is to identify how the lessons you learned have, in fact, HELPED you! Yes, identify, as specifically as possible, how knowing what you now know has inched, if not catapulted you into alignment and the opportunity to create greater joy and happiness moving forward. The gift of this understanding will be there should you choose to perceive differently.  

You see, perspective is an experience you can control. For perspective is directly determined by what you choose to continuously focus on. Over and over and over again, you can choose to find and focus on how this failure has set you back. Or you can choose to identify and focus on what life changing information you just learned and came to understand!  

The awareness of just how much this perceived failure has grown and advanced you into a more clear, confident and directed individual is worth celebrating!   Therefore, DO celebrate! Celebrating exaggerates the feelings of feeling good while holding you in firm emotional alignment and the graceful receiving of your dreams.  

Celebrating is like strapping energetic turbo boosters to your very own manifestational rocket! They take the feelings of feeling good and skyrocket them to the stars! 

You really can’t get it wrong. “Failures” are a friend ushering you along the path to the receiving of your dreams and desires. Choose to perceive them as such, celebrate the gifts of self-awareness they provide, and failures will cease to set you back but rather leapfrog you forward into greater freedom, joy and expansion.


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