Abundance Is All Around Me & Divine Timing Is My Friend

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Hi Friends! Welcome back to another installment of the “Dazzle of the Day” series I jubilantly introduced recently. I can’t help but be over the moon about this high vibe, abundance producing practice!

As a gentle reminder, a dazzle is a high vibrational, happy event, circumstance, experience, affirmation, awareness or realization. Basically, a dazzle is anything awesome and of abundance that is worth paying attention to and reveling in. For as we pay attention to awesomeness, we attract, do and become more awesomeness. The dazzle practice first came to me in our most recent Hello, Joy! group class. We had such fun with the concept!

“So then,” one may ask, “Why IS The Dazzle of such importance? So much so that it deserves a weekly featured post?”

Great question, and the answer has to do with our good old friend, The Law of Attraction! If one has a dream or a desire that has not come into one’s experience, there is only one reason. We are not yet a vibrational match to that which we desire. Yes, it is true! The only reason we are not yet frolicking and dancing in the abundance of our heart’s deepest desires is because we are not yet an energetic, emotional match to it.  

Therefore, to easily and effortlessly receive that which we want most, we must vibrate at, be of the same energy, as our dreams. Yes? Like attracts like. When we are wanting our dreams from the feeling place of not having them, then we are most likely in a low energy. Our dreams, as one can imagine, are of a high energy. The bountiful bank account, the loving, adoring partner, the once in a lifetime business opportunity, are all made of high vibrating, excited, joyful energy! When we are stuck in the muck and mire of our day, feeling overwhelmed, disillusioned and bogged down by life’s to-dos, we sink into the lower vibrations of doubt and disbelief, putting us out of alignment and/or not a vibrational match to our desires.

So! What’s a girl to do?

We want what we want but we’ve grown accustomed to paying attention to what is not going well in our lives. Enter “the dazzle of the day” series! A statement and perspective shift designed to help one, if practiced intentionally, snap back into the same high vibration of one’s dreams, therefore becoming a vibrational match to those dreams and the receiver of the riches of life! 

Yes? Have I convinced you?
Very well, then…onto today’s “dazzle of the day!”

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Now, the ego might balk and have a field day with this one! In fact, I can hear it now. “What are you saying, Danielle? What do you mean there is abundance all around me? All I see is illness and strife with a world caught up in the snarls of a global pandemic!”  
Yes, alright, I do hear that, and still I will say and reinforce that there exists treasure troves of well-being and prosperity all around us, in every minute of every day, if ONLY we INSIST on seeking it out and finding it.

Truer words have never been spoken.

Yes, there may be unrest (at any time in history) and yet, the abundance of life and the joy it has to give and bestow upon us exists, TOO. The ego will always expect “the dazzle” to be something absolutely large and grand and over-the-top, and yet the dazzle can be the simplest of mood lifters, such as the front row parking spot at the grocery store, the friend who sticks by your side, the loving text, catching all the green lights, a breath of fresh, crisp air. You see, as we give ourselves the opportunity to be aware of and revel in what seems to be the smallest of abundances, The Law of Attraction does as it is designed to do and celebrates you and such awareness by sending even “bigger” and more abundance.

Therefore, no matter what else is going on around you or with you, abundance still exists. Choose to be aware of it and catch it as if fireflies on a hot summer night and exclaim in awe and delight: “Abundance is all around me!” I see it here, and I see it here, and I see it there!” 

Oh, how the heart wants what it wants and oh, how the head can clap back in defiance and disbelief: “Well, where is it? Why isn’t it here yet? I have been wanting what I have been wanting for forever, and it is still not here. If abundance is all around me, then where are my dreams? Why are they taking so long?” To which I would reply: Divine timing is our friend, friend.

If there is a “delay” in the arrival of all one wishes and yearns for, there is most certainly a reason. When one demands an outcome, one isn’t prepared to sustain, and the result is often frustrating. You see, much of the journey on the way to the thing you want is learning how to be the person who can gracefully manage having that thing.

For example, many who want to be in a relationship with the love of their lives are not ready to be the partner that can keep the loving relationship they desire. The process of dating is an opportunity to tweak and expand on the kind of partner one wants to be as well as attract. It’s in the dating process that we learn how to nurture the relationship of our dreams. If catapulted into the ideal partnership prematurely, one might lack the insight and skill needed to successfully expand the relationship. Therefore, it is better to increase our capabilities and knowing slowly over time.

Yes, you see? Timing is everything, and the Universe knows better than the egoic mind what is in our highest and best interest. Therefore, intentionally focus on the abundance that is always embracing you and practice trusting that all is in divine order. As you do, you will relax into the experience of well-being and prosperity while joyfully anticipating the arrival of all the heart desires, in the exact right time, when we are the person who can gracefully nurture the experience we want most. 

This is a wonderful and helpful mantra to say when one may be feeling “angsty” and disillusioned at the “delayed” arrival of a significant dream or desire. A gentle and loving reminder that we are held in tenderness and care by Source.


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