Activate Inner Calm & Comfort

woman sitting on the chair taking in the sun

I relish in a quiet room, morning, moment. 

I delight in the sound of the wind in the trees, as I sip on a steaming cup of Earl Grey tea. The slight song of a few playful birds in the distance. Yet, mostly, it is stillness accompanied by deep quiet. I can hear myself in these meaningful gaps of time and space.

In and with the quiet of my loving, seeking, appreciating heart dances consideration and feelings alike. As night falls, peace comes down like a warm blanket on a cool Fall evening. With the hustle and bustle of the day asleep, I can witness my inner-being at work, in love and desiring to know and understand more.

Sure, I love a good belly laugh, the click and clack of dishes being served and glasses “tinging” in celebration at a good restaurant. Yet, in the quiet and silence of my own company, I find self-understanding. My own best answers arrive like little marching soldiers followed by a trail of more questions seeking answers. In quiet, we find our True North. The discovery of one’s most authentic and aligned self. In the silence of a still and easy space awaits the treasure of self-awareness and insight.  

Here we arrive at gems of inspiration, guidance and direction often kept at bay by a full and busy day. On such a day, it becomes all too convenient to hear what others think we should and must and have to do. They can speak with conviction and purpose and they can do so quite loudly. So loudly that we can confuse our inner-knowing with their conviction. “It certainly seems like they know what I should do,” one states in dismay and confusion.

But should you?

Maybe you shouldn’t.

This is not too intimate that others don’t want the best for us. They can and do. Yet, it remains their opinion until one takes the time to pause, reflect and inquire within oneself what feels good. For the “right” decision is always the feel good decision. 

Do consider:
What feels good for me?
How would I like it to go?
What is the outcome I am seeking?

Put aside recommendations from friends and family, create sacred space and allow for the arrival of inspired truth.

Seek silence. Cultivate it.
Make a habit of quiet time.
See it as a gloriously wrapped present and feel with giddy anticipation the gift it has to bestow.
For there is no greater gift then the realization and knowing of self awareness and understanding. It is here great levels of comfort and ease can be enjoyed.

Imagine a life, an existence, an experience where you say: “AH….I get me. I know who I am, and I feel comfortable being me! It’s in this place where we transcend life’s “problems” and plug into ease, joy and consistent abundance.

If this level of love and knowing is for you….
If such a transformation sends gleeful shudders of excitement straight down to your toes….
If you desire to say: I really like me, and I feel so comfortable being me in the world! 

Then you’re invited to join me and a remarkable group of likeminded women for my upcoming, six week, group coaching program: HELLO, JOY!

Truly, there is no feeling more valuable than the feeling of feeling good in the world.
HELLO, JOY will show you how to do that in a way that is sustainable and lasting. 

We begin Monday, October 12th.  More details + testimonials below.

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What is the meaning of joy? We all claim to want it, seek it and create it. Yet, many remain unclear as to what their specific state of joy looks and feels like. How then can one magnetize a state of being that is unclear and therefore elusive?

Join me for a SIX WEEK adventure I cheerfully call HELLO, JOY! Fun, eye-opening and new, these six weeks (October 12th-November 23rd) will usher in avalanches of bountiful abundance. Goodbye to problems of the past as we ascend to great heights of personal clarity and confidence. It’s as if I took a giant broom and swept together the most transformational life tips and tricks and bundled them together in one neat place. An interactive group course, we’ll unpack, explore and practice one transformational way of being each week for six weeks!


Tammy review of Dr. Danielle Dowling's Hello, Joy! Coaching Program

Sonja review of Dr. Danielle Dowling's Hello, Joy! Coaching Program


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