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amanda krill

We’ve all got different definitions of making magic happen. What’s yours?
Making magic happen for me is fulfilling the purpose that I know God has for me. Some days I’m not sure what that is, or which direction I’m supposed to go in – but the day always shows up the way it’s supposed to and leads me where I need to go. Being open to the day, but getting the stuff done that I had planned = magic.

Of the things that you’ve accomplished in your life, what are you most proud of?
I wish there was an easy one word answer for this one, but there isn’t. There are a lot of things. I know that the three kids I’ve made with my husband are just plain epic. The fact that two of us created such gorgeous, crazy intelligent little people is the most mind-blowing thing I’ve ever done. I’m also super proud of the $66k in credit card debt that I paid off in three years, as well as the web design business I’ve built.

When you’re taking on a big new project, or you’ve set your eyes on a new goal, how do you actually, you know, make it happen?
Persistence. Getting up every day and working on it. Believe me there are days when nothing gets done for the new goal. But it’s always there in the back of my mind reminding me that I’ve got something big to do. One thing I don’t have is a lack of ambition, so forcing myself to get up and work every day is not an issue. Sometimes the thing I’m working on for me takes a backseat to client work – but it’s never abandoned.

What books/tools/products/apps have helped you on your journey?
Strengthsfinder is probably the most important book I’ve read. It’s so so so eye-opening. Before I read that, I knew I was a smart gal. I knew I could figure things out when I needed to – but I considered myself to be basically talentless.

The book itself is very short, and the quiz that goes with it seems a little overwhelming at first, but it is SPOT ON.

Also, Michael Port’s Book Yourself Solid helped me not to be scared to let go of clients who were not a good fit.And my secret weapon is my coach, Lisa Wilder Kruk. She kicks my ass right when I need it.

Most of us living big, challenging, magical lives have met our fair share of naysayers. How have you dealt with that?
I have the added challenge of living in an area of the country that is not exactly progressive. When I first started out everyone told me I would fail. They all thought I was nuts and told me I’d probably lose everything I had. I knew they were wrong deep in my soul. So I smiled. Thanked them for their advice and kept doing what I was doing.

When you have moments of doubt or get distracted, how do you refocus on your goals?
Just about every day. When my mind starts to tell me I’m taking on too much, or I don’t really know what I’m doing, I tell it to shut up. And dig in harder. Most of the time. Sometimes I have to talk it out with my husband or Lisa or a dear friend who really knows me and what I’m trying to do. One of them can usually knock it out of me.

What’s the most magical thing going on in your life right now?
Life in general is pretty magical right now. My husband and kids keep me running. We’ve been all over the country this year – we’ve visited something like 10 national parks this year. Seeing the beauty of this world is nothing short of inspiring. We’ve got amazing friends that we spend time with when we can, and I adore my extended family. Business is good and my new project is getting there. Life is good.

If you could build a perfect day from scratch, what would it look like? (Where would you be? When would you wake up and go to sleep? Who would be with you? What would you eat/drink/do?)
My most perfect day would be spent on the shores of Lake Superior (salt + shark free!). I always get up super early, and I love that because it gives me some quiet time to spend with God, take a walk and drink some coffee before the kids get up. I’d get some work done in the morning while they run around and help their dad with whatever needs to be done. Then in the afternoon we’d go down to the beach and hang out. Back up to the house for the evening to work a little more and spend some time with my husband. I’m a total sucker for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula… Or maybe I’d be in Northern California. Either way, trees + water + family and I’m good.



amanda krill 2Amanda Krill is an intuitive web designer who wants every website to be beautiful. And on the side, she’s started a new project designed to help women take the leap from feeling unfulfilled and stuck in a rut to living the purpose that is branded on their soul.

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