The Art of Allowing: Genie Bottles + Daydreaming

colorful glass bottles to use for a "genie bottle magic" ritual

Welcome back to another installment of Dreamscape Journal December. Last month in the Radiant Living Facebook Group we put a pause on practicality to allow ourselves to dream and dream big again. And what a fun month it was! Then again, it’s always fun when one gives oneself permission to peek into the recesses of the heart and gaze upon the dreams and desires of the soul. Whimsical, free and airborne we go as we take flight and soar to the pinnacle of delight in the knowledge that nothing we desire is off limits.

And yet, how challenging it can be to slip into the mystical and transportive world of daydreaming without the intention to first rest. They seem to go hand in hand, do they not? Rest and daydreaming are indeed inextricably linked. For that divinely delicious feeling of true daydreaming must first be accessed through the porthole of rest. Yet, the waking world tends to cheapen rest, reducing it to mere minutes of scrolling through social media at the end of an overly full day.

This is not daydreaming, friend. You deserve the delight of dreaming for dreaming’s sake as well as the restoration, replenishment and receiving inherent in a well executed daydreaming session.

Spirit talks to us via daydreaming. Here in a relaxed and at ease state, Universe sends through gems of insight, inspiration and guidance. Yes, as we relax the mind and body and play into our positive imagination, the Universe happily meets us midair with pearls of wisdom and loads of love. While it may seem frivolous to the egoic mind and nonsensical to the thinking mind, daydreaming is an art, a skill, and may I go so far as to say a superpower. Here we move beyond three-dimensional limitations, bend time and space and allow for the receiving of all we desire with greater ease and grace.

Let’s touch on allowing why don’t we. For truly, how can one gain access to all that one wants and daydreams of without first allowing those things to come? Allowing is a concept that does cause quite a bit of consternation. For you may ask yourself, I know I want ABC, so certainly I’m going to allow those things to come into my life?!

Well, here is the “thing,” as they say. Allowing is very much intertwined with Divine Timing. Yes! There is that dreaded term. Blah! For certainly Divine Timing is so BORING! Because that means that what you want will come when it “gets good and ready” in its own “sweet time.”

Yes and no.

Yes, Divine Timing is Divine, and it will occur when it’s “supposed” to in the grand scheme of things. On the other hand, you can cause Divine Timing to stall a bit when you push against it. Push against it, I can hear you crying! I would never do such a thing!

But here is the other “thing.” When you wish upon a star so hard that the star does seem to be a bit out of breath, you do fiddle with Divine Order. For you constrict your desires in such a way that they do wiggle out of your grasp to get a break and catch their breath! Here is the secret, dear friend. You don’t need to squeeze so tightly to your dreams and desires. They will come to you if you allow them to, rather than squeeze them.

Create your dreams in your mind’s eye (daydreaming) and then do let them loose, so to speak.


Think of a meaningful dream you hold close to heart. Write that dream on a small piece of paper and place it in your “Genie bottle.” (I have a handful of Genie Bottles if you would like to purchase one for yourself. Simply email me.) You put your dreams in there with good intentions and good intent and then you do let them sit in there and gestate a bit and “solidify,” and then when you get the nudge from Universe, do let them loose.

Let them go heavenward where all the cooperative components are. Cooperative components are all the other “ingredients” needed for your dream for it to come to full fruition. As an example, you simply could not bake a delicious chocolate cake without the chocolate! For you see, it is necessary for your dreams and desires to meet up with the cooperative components that will allow those dreams and desires to take flight and soar and come to fruition. And that can’t be done if you are holding them so close that they aren’t able to do this.

Here are the exact steps I follow when I have a meaningful dream I would like to nurture and then allow to come to me with ease:

Daydream & Allow
Daydream & Allow
Daydream & Allow

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