Be, Be, Be to Make Yourself Free, Free, Free!

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Hello again and welcome to another fun and fabulous Dazzle of the Day! Today, we are exploring the feeling of being free, which is inextricably linked with the practice of being in the now.

Not so long ago I was speaking with a mentor who I turn to often when feeling discouraged or perplexed. I was upset and feeling downtrodden as I was visiting with a girlfriend who has a lot of material abundance that I also wish to have but have not yet fully acquired. I could feel my stomach tighten and the worry about how I was going to “make it all happen” begin to settle in. Knowing this wasn’t a helpful mindset and recognizing I needed a “life preserver,” I stepped outside to text my friend.

Hi Walter, I began, I need some help! I explained the situation and asked: “Can you please tell me what to do and how to be in a situation where I recognize I want so much of what I see, but I don’t currently have what I’m seeing? How do I not plummet into despair and worry and overwhelm? How do I stay happy for my friend instead of shutting down? How do I not feel embarrassed or behind that I do not have the same?”

To which he replied:

Circle back to the now, my dear! Enjoy the views for what they are. Enjoy the luxury for what it is with you as a visitor. When you begin to compare, reframe to the now, now now! Nothing more. For the feelings of embarrassment are looking behind you, so to speak, and the feeling behind is looking ahead of you. Those thoughts don’t serve you, as you are seeing and sensing. Rather than compare or analyze or wonder or wish, etc., simply be. Be, be, be to make yourself free, free, free, from the constraints of low vibrational energy that serves to hamper your upward accession and movement into all that is possible and all that can be and most certainly all that will be for you! Staying in the now serves to set your vibration at a high level so that you can enjoy the journey of one day catapulting from where you are now to your own special views, perfectly curated for you!”

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Oh, how I felt so relieved to have read and received my friend’s advice! It was the exact reminder I needed to snap back into the habit of looking for and finding reasons to feel good now. In a previous conversation, he taught me about the art of “living in the now and enjoying what’s in front of me” as well as it’s ability to help keep one’s vibration high and therefore easily manifest one’s desires. You see, we live in a vibrational universe, and life is only ever responding to and matching the vibration we are putting out. Therefore, if we are, as I was, mired in discouragement, disillusion and embarrassment, life will match those feelings and experiences with similar ones. Yet, if we’re appreciating and admiring what we can in any given moment, Universe will match such high vibe feelings with more reasons to feel good. It is a self-perpetuating cycle, and we can choose to create a cycle of joy, freedom and expansion or the absence of it. Nothing is more important in the game of manifestaton than feeling good. It is a mega magnet with little to no comparison.

I returned inside to see my friend, and as I did, I took notice of all that felt good to me.
“The front lawn is so green and beautiful…how lovely.”
“The views from the backyard are breathtaking and inspiring. How awesome Mother Nature is!”
“This carpet feels so cozy and comforting beneath my feet. It’s so relaxing to sit here!”

As I go about living in the now and enjoying what’s right in front of me, I also play with positive energy molding statements such as:

“Maybe this level of luxury is possible for me?”

“Wouldn’t it be so nice if I could also enjoy such comforts!”

“Yes! This is for me!”

These statements help me feel into the possibility of all I desire with more honesty and gentleness, rather than demanding myself to believe an outcome I am not fully aligned with yet.

Steady as she goes!


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