Because Life Is Short: The Happy Couples’ Secret Weapon


Seriousness has an important place in love + life.

Deep and meaningful conversations. Life-changing decisions.
Support at times when emotions are running high.

But playfulness is just as – if not more – important.

Laughter is a language that people use to bond. To mend. To escape.

People who take themselves too seriously (and lack any sense of lightheartedness) exude an emotional heaviness that penetrates their inner orbit + everyone in it.

And quite frankly – they’re a drag to be around.

But laughing till your sides ache and you can’t really breath?
Or you can’t quite swallow your coffee because you’re chortling so hard?
It’s an instant breather from the stress of your day.
Humor can recharge you + your relationship’s emotional battery.

It soothes awkwardness + tension.
It reduces stress hormones while an influx of warm + fuzzy endorphins are released in your brain.

Laughter is just plain good for you + your relationships.
So why the sour puss? Why must you remain in control? “Right” or unfazed at all times?

Consider the levity laughter + humor brings.
Consider the freedom + perspective it offers.
Consider, for the love of god, having a good laugh at yourself.

Life is short + you have a choice about how to navigate the bumps in the road.
Using your humor will change things.
For the better.

Have you ever said something so ridiculous during an argument that you made yourself + the person with you laugh? And to your delight, the disagreement quickly became moot?

Humor rapidly lifts your mood and gives everyone involved the emotional distance needed to view events with a fresh perspective.

Dropping the serious act (when not necessary) and cultivating your humor
instead will euthanize the stress.
It will shed shiny, shimmery light on an otherwise shadowy landscape.

Humor helps you navigate tumultuous terrain.
Relationship expert John Gottman calls this type of humor a “repair attempt”- a statement or action silly or otherwise that prevents negativity from escalating out of control.

And these repair attempts?
The success or failure of a couple’s repair attempts is one of the primary factors in whether their relationship endures or peters out.

When you and your partner laugh together, you put defenses on hold and open yourself up to a new kind of connection. All that giggling deepens emotional intimacy and allows greater trust to take hold.

So don’t be afraid to cultivate the inside joke.
To have kitchen dance parties and even the occasional food fight.

Life is short. Spend it laughing with the one you love.



I’m a Los Angeles based relationship expert + life coach.
But show up ready.
This is life at full tilt.

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