Being at Ease Is Wise Not Weak (Video)

Woman laying and smiling among large leaves to represent being at ease

What would it feel like to always be at ease?

A deeply profound question to spark our loved and anticipated “Dazzle of the Day.”

A hard working mind is likely to scoff at the idea of always being at ease, insisting it’s lazy and irresponsible. Sure, we’ll allow ourselves a moment of ease here or there. Perhaps as a reward for a job well done or overdone should we say? Let’s face it, humanity does not credit ease as a means to a happy and successful life. Quite the opposite, in fact. We extol hard work, long hours and generalized busyness as the means to life satisfaction. Leaving ease as something to experience and revel in only after one has earned it. Yet, rarely, if ever, does one find the deep satisfaction and pleasure one seeks via the path of extraneous time and work demands. And this is often because the way we work and spend our time is largely informed by culture or another’s expectations of us. We work “really hard” at endeavors that hold very little, true value for us. Therefore, when achieved we feel a little empty. We think we should be happy. We tell ourselves we should be happy and we’re genuinely confused because we’re not nearly as happy as we would have expected having accomplished what we’ve accomplished.

Humanity lives under a false premise that life satisfaction must and can only happen under the guise of hard work. Life satisfaction is unique to the individual. As unique as the billions upon billions of specks of sand on a beach. There is no one happiness and success formula. This is why it’s paramount for each and every human to learn how to be in a state of greater ease and therefore a state of receiving the knowledge of their own custom crafted success blueprint. It exists no where else but in your heart, in your consciousness and in the ether. Try as one might we can not download this from the internet or learn it in graduate school. Therefore, being at ease is quite frankly the wisest thing one can do and be. It is the antithesis of being weak rather akin to laying down a direct pipeline between ourselves and the treasure troves and joy and abundance that awaits us in any given moment.

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Ah, how the world wrestles with its all important, non-personal and inherited to-do lists; expecting ever-lasting success and happiness, yet often finding disappointment, frustration and disillusionment. For you see, my inspired action steps are not often your inspired action steps. Yes, maybe we share a few commonalities, but without access to one’s authentic flavor of inspiration, it’s challenging to create a satisfying life. Yes, satisfaction—that all important and meaningful feeling. Without true-blue satisfaction life lacks its luster.

So how does one go about accessing and receiving the flow of inspired guidance and therefore inspired action and therefore life satisfaction? In the last place the thinking world would imagine it: Through rest, relaxation and slowing down; through the art of being frivolous and playful and at ease. Yes, the starting place is not at the beginning of yet another checklist, rather inside the birth of a new and fresh perspective. Being at ease is a superpower. Anyone who suggests differently is not allowing themselves to access and download their highly personalized success and happiness formula.

Here are a few tips and tricks for being in greater ease that I’ve shared in the past:

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