How to Believe in the Impossible & Manifest Your Dreams (Video)

young girl playing with paint dust manifesting her dreams

Let’s talk about possibility.

Possibility is that which can be.
Could be.
Very likely will be. 

The human mind often wants to know how and when a desire can come to be before it chooses to believe in its possibility. “Show me all the ways this can logically happen,” demands the ego, “and give me a reasonable timeline!” And yet, the human mind can typically only imagine a handful of ways a dream can come to fruition. The Universe, on the other hand, can imagine a hundred million ways! So what am I saying? Am I suggesting that you don’t know it all? That you can’t see all the roads that lead to the experience of a most satisfying life? Yes and no.

Oh dear one, anything and everything the heart can dream is possible in partnership with Source. Be ever so careful with the word, the intention and the feeling of “impossible,” for just because one can’t yet see how it’s possible, does not mean it’s not possible! How often has humanity believed evolution was not possible and yet, evolution and expansion abound! The car, plane and train were once thought impossible! Going to the moon was, at one point, termed impossible. The four-minute mile was impossible, until Roger Bannister did it in 1954 and then a whole slew of athletes followed!


The money in the bank.
The loyal, reliable, passionate lover in your bed.
The promotion.
The community, connection and creativity you yearn for….all possible.

Manifestation Tip: Find evidence of where the desire is alive and well and thriving in your community or the world.  Know that each of those “wishes come true” were once a dream that someone believed was possible.

You need not immediately know the how, when or where of a dream to allow yourself to sit in the pure possibility of it. You need not even initially believe it is possible for you! Yet, know that it’s possible because enough worldly evidence is apparent and because there is a Universe that can see and has access to the hundred million ways it can easily happen!  A Source that is more than happy, eagerly awaiting and anticipating sharing a handful of those ways with you. Provided you believe it’s possible.

When one believes in the possibility of a dream, it’s akin to opening one’s front door so as to welcome company when company arrives. You see, when the front door is open, your friends (aka inspiration, guidance and direction) can walk right in! Sitting and stewing in impossible thinking is as if the front door were closed and bolted shut. No one, in this case, the good ideas that lead to the accomplishment of your dreams can get in.

No one is truly meant to “go it” alone.
No one, in the history of humanity, has.

Do your part and open the front door.

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