How to Break Bad Habits by Creating Meaningful Rituals

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of a vicious cycle?

  • You say you’re ready for love, but you’re only attracted to emotionally unavailable men.
  • You want a better work-life balance, but you insist you need to work longer hours to advance your career.
  • You want to have a healthier relationship to your body, but you can’t give up the excessive cocktails.

As much as you claim to know what you want, you’re “stuck” in a frustrating cycle of bad habits that not only keep you from reaching your goals — but creates the same feelings of deep dissatisfaction and lack over and over again.

Your behaviors — and those painful cycles — are a result of your unconscious patterns and conditioning; those scarcity minded scripts playing in the background of your mind that are clearly running your life!

Whether you want to attract an available new love interest or balance a successful career with a fulfilling life or simply want to gain more self-confidence, you have to get clear on (and break) the low-vibe energy patterns running behind the scenes of your life and practice making different, more empowering choices.

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6 Ways To Mindfully Control Anxiety

Life is full and it moves fast. No matter who you are, I’d venture to guess that statement is true for you. Sometimes that fast-paced fullness can feel exhilarating — even fun! — but on a consistent basis, it feels more like stress. And that stress can cause some pretty intense and challenging emotions like […]

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The Surprising Key To Feeling Confident is Simpler Than You Think

There are days where I wake up feeling negative, overwhelmed, disappointed. Days where I am convinced that I have fallen short, am less than, not good enough—almost immediately upon opening my eyes! It’s not that I don’t have anything to be grateful for, and it’s not that I don’t know how blessed I am. It’s […]

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How to Calm Down When You Feel Crazy Stressed

Stress. We’ve all felt it. We stress about work. About bills. About love (or our lack thereof). We stress about those things we can control and those things we cannot. Stress, it seems, is a natural part of human life—but it doesn’t have to run your life. It doesn’t need to be enduring. We don’t […]

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How to Move Out & On After a Breakup: A Compassionate Guide

How to Move Out & Move On After a Breakup: A Compassionate Guide

Today’s blog post is my response to a reader’s question regarding how to break up with someone you live with and what to do about moving on after a breakup. It all comes back to setting up respectful, clear boundaries after a relationship has ended. Read on for the full scoop. Dear D, I moved […]

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Online Dating: Learn the #1 Tip To Finding a Great Man

successful online dating

You might feel like you’re the only single person left on the planet. And you could probably imagine a number of reasons why that may be true: Every man I meet online is a loser, a liar, or a cheat. Men are intimidated by my success. There are no good men left! All of that […]

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A 5 Step Plan for Taking Control of Your Life

Plan for Taking Control of Your Life

Leadership skills are highly valued in our fast-paced, hustling culture. We look up to, emulate, and follow the advice of well-respected people who work hard, make tough decisions, and lead by example. But it’s not just organizations that need solid leaders. The most powerful place from which to lead is actually your own life. When’s […]

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How to Easily Spot an Emotionally Unavailable Man

how to spot emotionally unavailable men

Most women know better than to try and connect with an emotionally unavailable man—the problem is that we’re not always as adept at reading the signs when we see them (or rather, admitting that the signs are there). That’s what I want to help you work on today. Because if you’re reading here, I’m sure […]

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