Manifestation Tool: Using “Petals of Promise” + Evidence of Your Dreams Coming True (Video)

manifestation tool: petals of promise

Promise is the gift of aligning with possible-thinking and possible-feeling.

Promise is the sun rising on the horizon;
A morning bird’s first chirp;
That first sip of coffee.
The “Wait, I think everything might actually work out well” kind-of-feeling!

Promise popping up across the landscape of your life is the reward for believing in the possibility of realizing your dreams–and doing so without requiring evidence of HOW those dreams could happen!

Think of promise as a trail of giddy-feeling breadcrumbs leading all the way to the front door of your whims and wishes. Simply follow one breadcrumb of promising activity after the other and there you go. Voila, as they say!

Therefore, possibility is the knowing and feeling that a dream can happen.
Promise is the evidence of that dream actively unfolding in your physical reality.

Carefully notice how one follows the other, for promise without possible-thinking is rare.
Your energetic front door is open via possibility-thinking. As a result, Universe can happily and easily reveal and then deliver essential elements of your dream. And yet, how often we miss the encouraging evidence of promise that crosses our path! The ego wants to rush ahead to the final goal and outcome. It wants a guarantee that all will unfold as desired and stubbornly doubts as such if the completed dream is taking “too long” to present itself. One thinks, “It’s not happening!” All the while missing the petals of promise that cheerfully adorn one’s life path.

It’s essential you seek, spot and focus on each petal. For every petal of promise is full of encouragement and love and hope of a joyful and abundant now, as well as future!  Failing to focus on the promise will leave one feeling misunderstood and alone. Whereas jumping for joy at the evidence of one’s dream unfolding infuses you with elation and the feeling of being heard and understood and supported and witnessed! “Ahhhh,” one proclaims, “everything is working out for me! Life adores me and has my back and there is more and more evidence of my dreams coming true every day! I love observing how all the puzzle pieces are continually falling together for me!”

Petals of promise say: “All is well, all is on time, all will be as you desire it to be.”

You see, we live in a Universe that’s governed by the Law of Creation, which firmly and lovingly states that like attracts like and we get more of what we are focused on. Therefore, the efficient and graceful manifestation of your dreams is fairly contingent on feeling the hopeful promise of your dreams coming to pass. When one feels as if one’s dream is on its way, one is upbeat, optimistic and joyful. All of which are emotions that encourage the rapid manifestation of one’s desire into physical reality.

You see, “possible-thinking” and “petals of promise” are joyful manifestation tools! Choose to see them as such, prioritize your awareness and diligent practice of them, and watch your dreams hop, skip and jump into your reality!

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