How to be Successful: Find your soul to unlock your power (free workbook)

How to be Successful: Find your soul to unlock your power

You sense inside an unborn, second self.  An un-lived version of you.

You feel compelled.
Pulled in the direction of a passion project.
You read about it.  Daydream about it.  Fall asleep + wake to it.
It lives in your gut, your heart, your consciousness.

Sometimes you even think you could actually pull it off.  But you’re entrenched in a mental tug of war between pursuing your dreams + the enemies of passion.
You’re stuck wondering how to be successful instead of taking action.

The chattering brain + your well meaning friends and family are the foes you face on the landscape of the unmanifested you.

That negative, “worst-case-scenario,” chattering brain scares the hell out of us.
It can produce a million reasons why you shouldn’t, can’t, won’t do what you need + want to.

And well-intentioned friends + family can present a formidable roadblock.

They tell you to “think it through.”
Consider your finances.
Remember the kids, your husband, the dog.
How will you ever manage it all? they say.

They would have you think it’s not the “right time.”
And you should delay.

Don’t delay.

“The problem with friends and family is that they like us as we are.
The last thing you want to do is remain as you are.”  –Steven Pressfield

Do not think small.
Don’t doubt, over think or hesitate.

Take your soul’s journey + discover you are:
And the sole creator of your life’s joy.

Say YES + breathe life into this unborn self.

Refuse to apologize for wanting an abundant life.
Pay attention, instead, to what life is trying to give you.
Pay attention to what is wanting to be born.
Our job is to tune into THAT frequency

Ask yourself:
Are willing to dedicate the next 5, 10, 20 years of your life to realizing your dream?
Does it feel instinctively right on?
Are you willing to bleed for it?

If you answered a resounding YES to any of those questions then you have a responsibility.

A responsibility to out-wit limitation + external expectation.
To out-wit the ego’s shoty plan for you.

Adopt a lofty evaluation of yourself.
This does not make you arrogant.
It makes you accurate.

(This is soul work, remember?)

So say yes to your dream project + bring your idea into being.
:: The world needs you to.

Say yes + claim your brilliance
:: The cosmos has your back.

Say yes + forgive those who doubt the significance of possibility.
:: Show them the power of focused intention.

Your mission:
Suit up + show up.

You’re here for your power, thank you very much.

Need some extra help? Download my free Essential Self Workbook
to start discovering your soul’s passion and unlocking your power.

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