How Do I Find Happiness? + High Performance Skills That Lead to Joy

how do i find happiness


Choosing you first means living and loving to it’s absolute fullest! 

And yet, often we sanctify the well-being and needs of others above our own.

We’re taught that we’re good and better people if we cast aside our happiness, at least for the time being, to ensure another’s hapiness. We think we’re selfish to put ourselves first and therefore wrong, weak and less deserving. It’s only in putting ourselves first, however, that one fully develops the ability to masterfully align with one’s own prosperity and unique experience of manifesting abundance. 

I’m not suggesting grand gestures of defying one’s morals or values. It’s unnecessary to quit your job, move away from home, cut everyone out of your life. Unless of course, any of that FEELS accurate and therefore in alignment with what is True for you, then by all means!  Rather, the feeling of feeling good is discovered and nurtured in micro-moments. The cornerstone of an optimized and joyful life is established through your willingness to pay attention to and prioritize yourself moment by moment.   

This doesn’t mean to heck with everyone else! It simply means YOU and your well-being comes first and other’s second. Doing so does not translate to you being self-centered in a way where there is little or no regard for others. You see, the manifestation of one’s dreams and desires requires us to be self-honoring and self-regarding, first. For if we perpetually prioritize the whims, wishes and happiness of another, our heart’s delights sit unfortunately sidetracked.

Therefore, it is one’s responsibility to carve the path of permission to be self-honoring and self-respecting first. And then from that place consider: “How can I create a win/win solution, resolution for all?” You see, this is the best and highest way to achieve harmony all around. Everyone wins! Everyone is pleased! No one, especially YOU, is left out.

How do you feel today?

Many are not in the habit of checking in and within and asking themselves questions such as:
“How am I?”
“How do I feel and what might I need and even enjoy?”
“What about me?”

You must love you more than anyone else can ever love you. 

And where better to practice such love and care than by choosing you first!

Choosing you first means considering your feelings, thoughts
and needs before anyone else’s.
 Choosing you first is the central tenet to the question:
How do I find happiness?

Other’s may call you selfish, yet I encourage you think of it as being SelfFull.
As in full to the brim with self-love, abundance and consideration.  Know that how anyone feels is their choice, is their responsibility. It’s not your job to make others happy. Rather, it’s their job. Therefore if being of assistance to them at this moment, in they way they’re requiring does not feel good, politely and gracefully decline.  It’s human nature to get our needs met. Therefore, trust that the “right” resources will be available to them in Divine Timing and not at the cost of your well-being.

Revel in the enjoyment and epiphanies that come from putting oneself first! Would you believe it if I told you partying was a skill set worth getting good at?  Partying is a joy and  happiness magnet tool like no other.  For partying and celebrating are like energetic turbo boosters strapped to your very own manifesting abundance rocket! They take the feelings of feeling good that come from choosing you first and skyrocket them to the stars! Celebrating exaggerates the feelings of feeling good while holding you in firm emotional alignment and the graceful receiving of your dreams. Therefore, intentionally look for reasons, big and small, to celebrate choosing you, how far you have come and where you’re going!

I’m with you all the way!


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