Sit Back And Relax

stop just getting by & find peace and prosperity

Now is the time! Yes, now, now and this very now is the moment where all of your greatness and brilliance to create anew exists! Please don’t ever doubt our exuberant power to transform, birth and rebirth our experience to love and soar ever closer to our heart’s desires. 

Similar to a mighty rocket ship set course for the moon, stars and entire galaxy, you are destined for new, fresh and abundant adventures of the heart and mind. You are not small, dear one. You are not weak, meek or inferior! We are born of gold dust, diamond pieces and the most fabulous sunsets across The Universe! You are made of god and goddess essence. There is no light that shines more bright than the light in you.

A million miles and more away the stars gaze at your sparkle and shine! They awe in the presence of your glimmer. Yet, sadly, we do not awe at the marvel and miracle of ourselves. It is in doubt and fear and self-discrimination and incrimination we hide in an illusion of disappointment and disrespect.

It is time to take our rightful, compassionate place on the throne of our own lives. No more “just getting by;” self-induced ridicule and hiding in the shadows of pettiness and fear. Rise, dear one, rise!

Yes, see the sun also rising on your commencement day! The all of Mother Nature yearns for us to realize the generous and gentle yet mighty power latent in ourselves. You see, this power is not something to go get, to invent, to take from anyone or anything. No, this power lies within already.

It waits
and it waits
and it patiently waits
for your awakening.

So awaken, loved one! Yes, look to the sky, the moon, the stars and so on. We all share the same DNA. Which is one of royalty, patience, compassion and love. There exists not another soul that can rise for us. The heart must be open and allowing, the mind, steady and graceful, the body, agile and prepared. We are ready, we are able, and we are being called to evolve past any soul-confusion and emerge as one’s grand and glorious self!  A crystal clear knowing of one’s inner divine and place among the divine.

It is time to clear the heart, mind and body of any insecurity. We begin in the feeling world with emotions, for it is in the mind and heart that the individual creates, learns and adopts pointless and petty storylines that unfortunately become an identity. Let’s strip away all the thinking that does not serve and only hinders greatness. The time to take flight with the strength of eagles’ wings is now.

Join me May 11th-May 18th as we welcome in an abundant avalanche of thanks, divine destiny and miracles.

It is my great pleasure to fill your emotional toolbox with the transformational tools and elixirs of the gods and goddesses.

Your throne of peace and prosperity awaits.
The first step is yours.

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Home To You. With Big, Open Arms.

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The Most Joyful of Events! (Invitation Enclosed)

Abundance & Co-Creation Series - Red Roses

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everything is going to be ok

In some ways we all have a childhood we are recovering from.  Many of us have grown up in a simultaneously complicated yet loving, uncertain but supportive family environment.  As a result we come to many erroneous conclusions about who we are, what the world is, and what is required from us to be OK, […]

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Will Something Else Make Me Happy? (I Just Want to Be Home!)

What Does Home Mean to You?

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How “Being Selfish” Would Have Saved Me from a Car Accident

How “Being Selfish” Would Have Saved Me From a Car Accident

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