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I love the idea of changing your life by asking questions and following what feels light.

YUM! How is this almond whipped cream vegan and raw? And for breakfast, how about oatmeal muffins or banana and Nutella crepes!

What if you viewed your failure as … courageous?
So, how do you from move from mediocre to miraculous? Re-embrace failure. Celebrate shortcomings. Experiment, make mistakes, soar, fail, learn, grow, evolve. You are not here for perfection. You do not have to get this right. There is no exit exam. It is ALL uncertain anyway.

Let’s all print this out and take it with us to the grocery store – a dietitian debunks common myths about food.
Despite the health claims, Activia yogurt is NOT good for your gut, and thanks to the 18 grams of sugar in one small container, it will actually wreak more havoc on your gut than it will help.

A song to listen to while drinking red wine and cooking on a Sunday night.

I will have kids if I can dress them like this.

This bedroom tour is AMAZING. If I wasn’t trying to be inclusive of my fiance’s tastes, this is what our bedroom would look like!

It’s happened to all of us – you meet someone awesome, things are going well, and then surprise! Deal breaker. Here’s how to cope with a deal breaker that sneaks up on you.

Trying to organize your home? (Who isn’t?) Here’s a super helpful checklist of the items you should splurge and save on.

Which is more persuasive? Positive or negative influence?

If you wish you were meditating but can’t quite get there, these seven tips will help.

Is it possible to attain ‘perfect’ health? If you’d like to try, here are the 10 tenets for a perfectly healthy body and mind.
Keep your mind resilient by reading books, playing a game or doing a puzzle even if only for a few minutes each day.  By having a sharp mind you can figure out situations more effectively and make wiser decisions. Doing so allows you to improve rationality, and with increased rationality comes an improved attitude towards a given situation.

Inspiring!  “I left a PhD program to become a Yard Man and I couldn’t be happier.