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Because we will spend and spend in the name of making more. We will rationalize our desires by saying things like, “You need to make money to do good.” And we will work our asses off, ignoring what we truly care about like our family and ourselves, for the day when we have enough and finally can just sit back and enjoy it. At least this has been true for me. Which can suck the life right out of your business, and the joy out of your passion.

I loved these five old-school productivity tips.

We’ve all been there, right? When work takes over your life.

Would you even get boudoir photos? These are classy AND saucy.

One scarf! Three Ways! Cute.

I looooove Kira’s relationship podcast Seven Minutes in Heaven. Funny! Helpful!

If you wrote a letter to your younger self giving her career advice, what would you say?
I know you’re questioning if you’re in on the right track. Wondering if you should switch career paths and get out of the personal finance business altogether. Trust me when I tell you to stick with it. Not for the money, or because you don’t want to let anyone down. Stick with it because this is your passion. Your career may not be evolving the way you had hoped it to, but the experiences you’re having and the opportunities (perceived or not) are shaping you into exactly who you need to be in order to reach your dreams.

A wonderfully spring-y recipe: maple roasted asparagus.

Gosh! 27,500 Twitter followers – what could we learn from Laura Husson?

If you work for yourself, you’ll love these 36 truths about business. (Especially the one about showering and leaving the house).

I’d like this in my Easter basket, please. And this, too.

Do you have a kiddo in your life? Are you trying to empower their inventive thinking? Also: three ways to organize kid spaces.