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Is it possible to heal your relationship with money?

Want to be more visible? Here are three steps to get you there (plus one amazing outfit involving feathers).

This is my go-to get up, wake up song.

A free online workshop that’s “a potent step-by-step guide to creating a life of vitality, joy and peace” – that’s right up my alley!

Have you ever wanted to navigate life … naked?
Not literally, although my reflection is feeling more like home these days… I mean living in the raw. Living without apology for my flaws, fears, face, food, and friendships. I am ME. I am the sunrise in the morning. I am the stars. I am everything and nothing. I have never felt such complete self-acceptance. Even when I’m filled with doubt and fear, it’s no longer a prickly experience. I don’t give those things enough of charge to shock me. It’s just how I might be at any given moment.

What do those makeup experts mean when they talk about ‘contouring’? An easy tutorial here.

I love Dana Boulos’s inspiration diary – good stuff!

Have you ever felt anxious about the size of your email list? Maybe it doesn’t really matter.
You see, everything in Marketing & Business works as a system, and so one piece of information is not enough to draw a conclusion about the whole. You can have a huge following, and not make sales or work with real clients. You can have a thriving business, without the use of social media. You can have a small list of quality clients, work with a few lucrative clients per year, and make a killing!

A reminder: your body loves you.

You know you shouldn’t be drinking soda, right? Here are 6 delicious alternatives.

Is your style bombshell-esque? A Pinterest board just for you!

The changes at Facebook are completely infuriating – I have 10,000+ followers and only a tiny fraction of them see my posts now. Here are four ways to deal with the fact that the internet is always changing.

What does ‘significance’ sound like?

I loved this post about boundaries.
I was about 29 and one quarter when I truly realized what a boundary was. For most of my life, I have walked around like a highly-sensitive sponge. I remember walking into a yoga studio when I first moved to California and this one very outspoken teacher said, “Jeez girl. You walk around all heart. Pull your shoulders in a bit, stand up straighter. Protect yourself.” At the time I just felt like I was going to cry but looking back, I see she had a point. Oh, the post office lady isn’t feeling very kind today? Let me take that on. A student has some kind of squinty-eyed scowly look happening? That most certainly is because of me. And my husband? Don’t even get my started.

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