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It’s BBQ season! Keep yourself and your friends healthy with this delicious, tangy broccoli slaw salad.

An important life lesson: “Uncertainty is where the magic happens.”
“It does not matter how much experience we have or how many years go by, uncertainty is the one constant in all of our lives.

Are you ready to feel sexy and confident? Listen to this.

Would you dare to try a detox at the same time as your partner?

A perfume company that donates part of every sale to a cause for women? I’m in.

Are you guilty of these 5 business writing mistakes?

There’s a difference between making compromises and being compromised, which a lot of women do let happen. For heaps of inspiration, read Sophia Amoruso’s story here and buy the book here.

Like my blog redesign? Check out my girl Dara here.

Everyone should bookmark this: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Become a Great Negotiator
“Make sure the result brings you life and love. Tomorrow is 100% based on the negotiations you do today.”

I know what I’ll be binge-watching this weekend! Be Here Now-ish
“A comedy web show about two sexually progressive New York gals who ditch their down-and-out lives for LA in search of a spiritual awakening.”


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