The Weekend Hot List

A citrus-y body scrub named after my favorite summer drink?  Yes please.

Hilarious!  I loved Jess’s insight on the reality of renovating (with photos!)
Our kitchen is a barbecue in what will be our lounge room. Where our bed is at the moment will soon be our kitchen. And my ‘office’ is wherever I can find a clean place to plonk, preferably next to a highly-sought-after power-point (old houses have so few power outlets! How did they all charge their smart phones?!!)

We all have moments of social media frustration.  What makes YOU say @%$&?

Yup.  6 reasons why writing is like sex.
6. It’s not about the (ahem) finale.
The end goal is not the be-all-and-end-all. Sometimes you won’t even reach it, or it can seem faraway and out of your grasp. So you bloody-well better be enjoying the process or all that energy will be for naught. If you’re just going for that moment of glory, you’ve probably got your writing/relationship priorities a little mixed up. It’s all in the journey.
So with all of this in mind, I hope you can get down to business today, whether with your book, your blog, or your babe.

And isn’t this fancy hoodie perfect for Fall?

Are you a working mom?  These five tips will help you stay on top of everything!

What do you know about gong healing?  (I know nothing).  Let’s listen to this super interesting interview!

This tour of ancient Mayan spiritual sites would be a great getaway this winter.

Yes!  I loved Sarah’s work happiness secret: track your efforts, not your accomplishments.  Here’s one of the reasons why she does this:
As with most things in life, the only thing you can control is yourself
You can’t control if something you write goes viral. The biggest traffic spike that Yes and Yes ever received was when Reddit thought I was the Ermagerd girl.  Shockingly enough, I did not build ‘be mistaken for internet meme’ into my marketing plan.  You can control how often you post.  You can control how much time you spend on Twitter befriending awesome people.  You can control the topics you write about.
You can’t really control who links to you, who retweets you, who likes your funny cat photos on Facebook.   You can make it significantly more likely that people will link to you and like your stuff, but you can’t really make anyone do anything.


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