The Weekend Hot List

A reminder: it’s totally possible to be happy alone. (But you knew that already, didn’t you?)  Here are five tips about how to do just that!

Are you guilty of caring too much about what other’s think?
We all judge, that’s ok, but it’s what we do as a result of the judgement that matters – we can respond in bad energy or we can reach down deep inside and use it as inspiration to grow in our own lives. Who have you judged recently? Your Mum or Dad, brother or sister, a friend, a colleague, someone online? Instead of judging and criticising, I wonder if you could turn it around and send them some love instead? They’re doing the best the can in their circumstances.

I looooove Project 30!

A thoughtful read: When God disappears.

So helpful!  7 steps for getting in the creative zone.

These oracle cards would make a perfect hostess gift for your more woo woo friends.

Let’s all book rooms here immediately.

A reminder that you can choose how you want to feel about your body.

Is it possible to actually grow during the more challenging times in your life?  And even be happy?
Being happy is not just about choosing to be happy moment to moment.  It’s not just in the great days and fabulous occasions.  It’s about being able to know down deep that no matter what’s going on in our life we have the tools, the gratitude, and the love within us to allow ourselves to find joy within the dark times too.  To know in our core that the clouds will pass in their own time, and that underneath it all, our happiness is still there to support us, even when we’re not feeling it.

Make great things happen!



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