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A Love Letter to Your Awakening
“Choosing to love your body, to celebrate it, takes you deeper. Learning body love demands learning soul love. And the combination of the two is what sets your life ablaze.” 

Find out what this woman learned while losing 100 pounds. My girl Corinne has a similar message. The secret to feeling good in your skin isn’t losing weight.
“These feelings don’t go away, and you have to choose differently over and over again.”

Ohh, I’m definitely trying these popsicles and this smoothie this summer.

Are you guilty of these 7 deadly workout sins?

It’s the digital age. Your true love might be a keystroke away.

It’s time to break down the stigmas around mental health. Who’s with me?

How happy are you? Take this quiz to find out.  Didn’t do so well? Learn to escape the negative patterns here.

Feeling stuck because of your anxiety? Regain control with this worksheet.

Does this make you want to road-trip or what?

We could all learn something from this beautiful guide (plus her ongoing tips + inspiration): The 5 Keys to Wake Up & Love Where You Live. Grab it here!

Want the psychological master keys to more sales? Get them here.

This is brilliant. Who doesn’t want a secret weapon to help you pull ahead online?

Ready to make a change, fast? Find your passion in 7 days. (for free!)

Looking for some great reads this summer? Add these to your list.


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