This Is How Much I Love You

Wish you were here hotel


I love you so much that I won’t let you lie to me.
To yourself.
Or to the world about what you really want.

I love you so much that I assume you show up ready.
Ready to rock.
To do the work.
To evolve.

I love you so much that I will continually raise the bar.
I stipulate that you will meet it.

I see your greatness.
Your wholeness.
I know how magnificent you are.
And I won’t let you think or act otherwise.

Single, dating or committed today is the day to declare your love.
For him….her….them.
The journey. The chance.
For what was, is + will be.

Open up to being truly satisfied.
You can get there from here.
+ we can do it together.

Because I love you–


Speaking of rocking it out + arriving::
Do you have a “there” that you want to get to from “here?”
Let me be your guide.

So if your the kind of person who is comfortable with perseverance + drive
ready to release the past + set the present ablaze;
done compromising on soulful companionship, meaningful sex + dating
craving to kick down walls, bypass limitations + play bigger
believes everything in life happens for a reason….

Then we will be epic

Work with me.
But show up ready.
I’m not for the faint of heart.