It’s All About You!

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Now, what is the divine self but the purest, truest, most authentic essence of you? Yes, dear one, despite how it may appear at this moment, you are the light of the galaxy.  

You are the purest version, iteration of all that makes the divine truly heavenly. During its joyful adventure to Earth, the soul decides to learn many lessons. The soul desires to develop such characteristics as courage, tenacity, vigilance, resilience and, yes, the experience of grief. The development of these qualities and experiences provides the soul the precious opportunity to overcome misunderstandings or misperceptions. These excursions, if you will, into the revelations of the heart and mind are essential to one’s personal expansion and ascension. For it is unnecessary to hold onto pain and confusion any longer than it serves its purpose. Yes, upset, along with a variety of uncomfortable feelings, do serve a divine purpose.

Similar to a red flag being raised on a sporting field, upsetting emotions signal that one is out of alignment with one’s true feel-good nature. This realization gives us the opportunity to overcome the misperception that drove us into rage, anger or sadness. We can pierce the veil of illusion that we’re ever without or threatened, for we are eternally loved and safe, therefore, never lost or alone.

It’s essential the soul has this chance to further understand and come home to the realization of its true nature: peace and wholeness. Yet, why trudge through the muck and mire of pain a millisecond longer than required? Therefore, let’s expedite the learning and processing of all your mental junk! Anguish is heavy, confusion is isolating, and your true nature is joy and connection. Let’s flatten the learning curve and move past centuries-old mental and emotional baggage. Expedition at a compassionate pace is the name of the game! 

It is my delight to share with you the emotional and physical tools to help push us past whatever misperceptions and pain in life that are no longer serving. The insomnia, over- or under-eating, body obsession, fear of being unlovable, not chosen, unimportant, and incapable are all feelings of bankruptcy. Let us do the work of overcoming these disruptive and inaccurate perceptions, for you are mighty, and you are grand, and you are so much more than your ideas about who you are.

I am here to assist! Join me May 11th-May 18th as we explore how to draw abundance in as if we’re a 500 lb. mega-magnet!

The soul desires to snap into alignment as if a puzzle piece finding its rightful place on the playing board. There in its home snug as can be and cheerfully comfortable it is aware of its individual significance and its importance to the whole.

Together, we will go hand-in-hand as friends. Over the next eight days, we will journey the path of abundance, ascension and miracle making together. We are forever, you and I, companions. Two puzzle pieces in the game of life. Let’s do find our rightful individual position among the melodious whole.

The time to do so is now, for we only ever have the now. The time to raise the consciousness of humanity is in this very moment. Make no mistake of the importance of the individual journey. For it packs the power to light up miles and miles and miles of other hearts across The Universe!  

Shine bright, dear one, shine bright. A new day is upon us.

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