How to Break Bad Habits by Creating Meaningful Rituals

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Do you ever find yourself in the middle of a vicious cycle?

  • You say you’re ready for love, but you’re only attracted to emotionally unavailable men.
  • You want a better work-life balance, but you insist you need to work longer hours to advance your career.
  • You want to have a healthier relationship to your body, but you can’t give up the excessive cocktails.

As much as you claim to know what you want, you’re “stuck” in a frustrating cycle of bad habits that not only keep you from reaching your goals — but creates the same feelings of deep dissatisfaction and lack over and over again.

Your behaviors — and those painful cycles — are a result of your unconscious patterns and conditioning; those scarcity minded scripts playing in the background of your mind that are clearly running your life!

Whether you want to attract an available new love interest or balance a successful career with a fulfilling life or simply want to gain more self-confidence, you have to get clear on (and break) the low-vibe energy patterns running behind the scenes of your life and practice making different, more empowering choices.

It can be a life-changing relief to finally discover the connection between the actions you’re taking and the results you’re getting in life. Once that connection is revealed, you’re back in charge — you can make conscious choices and take deliberate action to break the disappointing cycle you’re in and start living in a way that best serves you.

Of course, becoming aware of your dis-empowering scripts and actions — then making the choice to not repeat them any longer — is only part of your healing and transformation.

If you want to break a frustrating cycle, you have to actually STOP doing the exact same thing (taking the same action) while expecting different results.

You have to try something new, in alignment with your new intentions and a different choice.

Easier said than done, you say? Trust me — it’s not that hard to do.

How to Break Bad Habits with Meaningful Rituals

There are many ways to “practice” your new choice on a daily basis: You could meditate on your intention every morning, you might post written notes of your intention around your home, you could set a phone alarm to go off throughout the day reminding you of your heart’s desire.

And you could kick it all off with a ritual — a heart-centering, meaningful ceremony to acknowledge the cycle you’ve broken and honor your fresh outlook on a previously difficult situation.

You don’t need to be religious or New Age or woo-woo to participate in a ritual, I promise:

:: Your ritual could be as simple as writing down what you are ready to let go of and burning it in the kitchen sink.

:: Your ritual could be holding specific crystals while repeating your soul’s secret prayers and intentions over and over again.

:: Your ritual could be the lighting of a single candle on Sunday evenings and saying to yourself: “This is the week that I…….”

All you need is to be open to the transformation, and committed to breaking your bad habits.

Now, do you have to have a ritual? Of course not. You can simply make an internal choice to do things differently, practice a new way of living, and be done with it.

But ritual allows you the possibility of connecting with the soul and heart of all things . . . and of all life. The outcome can’t be seen only measured by the sensation of a nourished heart.

And what outcome could be better than that?

Try This Guided Ritual to Create New Habits & Break Old Patterns

You will need: 15-20 minutes, a candle, matches, and a quiet space.

1| Write a List: List your conditioning, your stories, your patterns, your beliefs — whatever you choose to release, because it’s no longer necessary or no longer yours to hold.

2| Ask Yourself: What if any patterns am I ready to release from my life?

3| Make a Statement: Be clear about the cycle you’re breaking and acknowledge the beliefs and behaviors that will support your new choice. You might say:

“I am willing to lower my guard and risk being vulnerable in love. I will stop withholding myself in relationship for fear that he might leave if he sees the true ‘messy’ me. I deeply believe the unfiltered me is lovable and immensely desirable. Let the lighting of this candle give me the strength, courage, and compassion to claim my potency and be fully transparent in love.”


“I must be willing to give up controlling and scheming everything and everyone, even though that leaves me vulnerable and I risk not getting what I think I want. I am willing to be courageous and stop relying on manipulation and my own strength to achieve. I now understand that the Universe is hard at work for me, loving me and serving me. Let the lighting of this candle give me the faith, stability, and wisdom to relinquish (at least some) control and allow myself to fall back into the flow of life — to be held, supported, and given to generously while growing my capacity to trust life and delight in the unexpected just around the corner!”

Ritual is an external reflection of something sacred that is occurring deep within. It marks a transition that has happened, is happening, or that you would like to invite more fully into your experience.

Your cycles don’t have to be vicious, and they don’t have to keep you stuck. Are you ready to break the cycle and honor your commitment with a ritual?

It’s time to mark the end of your cycle and the beginning of a brand new, better way of life.