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SO, SO important. You need to set boundaries in your relationships.

We can all use reminders on loving our bodies. Here are 5 surprising questions you can ask yourself.
“Here’s the thing, feeling good in your skin isn’t about being a size 2, it’s about nourishing your soul from the inside out and appreciating who you are (exactly as you are) in this moment right now.”

I am a big fan of outsourcing things to make room for your soul-focused work, so of course I agree that ‘outsourcing doesn’t make you a lazy bitch.’

Learn how to use sound + essential oils to improve confidence.

We’ve all had shitty jobs, amiright? Here are 3 ways to break-free from shitty job patterns.

I couldn’t have said it better myself: “When you’re not interested in what you do, no one will find your work interesting.”

Do you think of yourself as a brand? You should.
“Most importantly, the right brand should be a reflection of you, your business, and a vision for the future.”

Put your beautiful, abundant knowledge to use by creating an ebook.

I love when it’s easy to tweet right from a post. Learn how to set that up here.

Need an inspiration boost? This tumblr will do the trick!

If I ever find myself in Savannah,  I know where I’ll be eating!

After the wedding, I’ll be all over these Gooey Ritz Peanut Butter Cup S’mores Bars. Until then I’ll keep indulging in refreshing summer smoothies, like this strawberry almond coconut smoothie.

What a cute idea! Makeup storage drawers spiffed up with washi tape.

This is a great idea. Help planning outfits with the clothes you already own.

Eating + using organic food and products can get a little pricey. These are great ideas on how to save.


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