But what if it all worked out?

But what if it all worked out?

“But what if he doesn’t call me back?”
“What if I don’t get the job?”
“What if I never earn the money I need?”
“What if I don’t lose the weight?”
“What if everyone hates my book/art/speech/idea?”

What if you took all the steps to create the life you wanted +  it didn’t work out?
Would you be left with a less-than-spectacular life? AND an unsatisfied goal?

Yes, going after the life you truly want takes perseverance + passion.
But it also takes courage – the courage to craft your own path on a road riddled with what if’s + judgement.

The truth is, being honest with yourself about what you want –
whether that’s a significant other
a new job
or a bank account filled to the brim –
is scary.

Stepping out and making the effort requires an enormous leap of faith.
You don’t know what’s in store for you ahead, none of us do.

It’s part of the magic.  Really.

A few years ago I came close to letting the fear of what-ifs consume me.
I nearly ditched my bigger-than-big aspirations.

Doubt comes for us.
Life strikes us down.

We are called to expand.
And fortunately for me there was one single what-if that was clearer and louder than the rest:  What if it all worked out?

What if you succeeded in creating the life you desired?
It doesn’t need to be a perfect life. In fact, screw perfect. It’s not happening.
Yet, for me that hope, that act of ‘getting possible’ was enough to lean in a little closer
+ march in the direction of my goals.

This is not to say that everything you aspire to will work out.
It won’t. Such is life.
Rather, it’s to say that you are now invited to rebuke each doubt that enters
your mind with the single electric phrase: What if this all works out?

If your doubts are enough to stop you,
then your empowered thoughts are enough to help you prosper.

What if this all works out?
It’s cell-altering and heart-expanding.

Try it.



  1. I like your perspective here Danielle! If everything went our way, I think life would be boring, “You win some, you lose some.” I don’t think we would personally grow from always having victories, you learn from success but I believe that you learn exponentially more from failure.

    I tend to use that expression more often, “What if it all works out?” Great article and great read for me.

  2. This is an excellent article . We’re always coming down on ourselves and letting the
    “what if” doubts stop us. I love the “What if it all works out?” perspective so much better. Thank you.

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