Butt Out, Already!

female in the forest

Today is a great day to mind your own business.
To butt out, as they say.

Do such statements conjure feelings of insult?
Do they leave you feeling aghast?
Or does it feel quite liberating, sensical even?

How often do you find yourself engulfed in the business of others?
Consumed by their drama and the resolution of their ensuing “problems?”

It’s wasted time, dear one.

“But this is my child, they need me!” you might proclaim.
“It’s my mother, my partner! How could I possibility step aside and leave them
to figure it out on their own? What if they feel abandoned?”

And yet, no one, nowhere, in the history of humanity has ever been abandoned
by Source. Nor by their own inner-being, otherwise known as
the Higher Self.

You see, you and those you love are never without the ever present guidance of an all knowing and loving Universe. An energy that sees the bigger picture and the path of least resistance to the resolution you and/or your loved one seeks.

Nevertheless, well-intentioned and on fire we over-concern ourselves with another’s journey and lose sight of our own. We allow their needs and wants to be the focus of our attention. This sidelines our awareness of our inner worlds, and therefore pauses our pursuit of our dreams and happiness.

Finding daily joy and happiness is a skill set. One very much worth your primary focus. You see, only by really caring about how you feel can you catch the clues to creating even greater joy and pleasure for yourself.

Moment by moment, consider asking the below questions as a means of tapping into how you feel, giving yourself the opportunity to choose your heart’s desires. 

  1. What is it that I really want right now?
  2. What would genuinely feel good to me?
  3. What might I enjoy that would make me happy in the end?

By no means am I suggesting you don’t care for the people around you, Rather, only that you care about yourself and how you feel more. Yes, please share wise and valuable insight, a hug, a cup of coffee and a listening ear—it will be most welcome!

Yet, also sense within yourself when it’s time to butt out, pivot and focus your most valuable attention inward. Your loved ones will be wisely guided to next steps by Universe and their own precise and always on time inner-knowing.

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