Blogs I Heart: Gift Giving + Eating Intuitively

It’s that time of year! I love this post on preserving the art of gift giving. “Psychologists report that, in the act of gift giving, it is the gift giver that gains more psychologically than the gift receiver.” I could just eat up Goop’s 2015 gift guide and especially these texting gloves! Perfect! We’ve ALL […]

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Blogs I Heart: Meditation, Smoothies + Crystal Jewelry

portrait alannah cate

Hands down the best summer drink idea I’ve ever heard: Boozy Blueberry Floats Smoothies make the perfect summer breakfast! Here are 5 cleansing smoothies I want to try. Drooling over this roundup of healthy recipes! A lot of us dream of a capsule wardrobe but it can be a little intimidating, right? Here’s how to […]

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Blogs I Heart: Healthy Skin, Making Friends + Summer Reads

blogs I heart

Healthy skin through eating? Yes please! Love this perspective on handling setbacks on the path to achieving greatness. One Simple Question for Overcoming Fear Summer reading for those long flights: 13 great books set in France Ready to win at summer + impress your friends? Grill pizza at home. Don’t fret. We ALL get jealous […]

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Blogs I Heart: The Magic Button + Social Media Tips Galore

pretty desk

Bookmark for emergencies: The Magic Button. “How could you ever look at your body and love it when there are so many things about it that you frankly hate?” Here’s the first step.  I’ve talked about women supporting women before, so you know I’m on board with these 7 Reasons Women Need Other Women. Love […]

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Blogs I Heart: This is my fight song + winning at life

blogs i heart fight song

Can’t get enough of this song! “This is my fight song. Take back life song. Prove I’m alright song.” Or this song called Move Ahead by Fiama. If you feel like you have to shout to be heard online, read this. The more I get into Instagram, the more I see the advantages. This looks […]

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Blogs I Heart: Good vibes, working for free + feeling fancy

Weight loss is often about more than just the weight. “without the darkness, the pain, the struggles, there cannot be wholeness + clarity” Eye-opening experiment! Could you survive on a budget of $29 a week for food? Perfect for spring + summer: 7 Best Nutrients for Healthy Glowing Skin. Super easy + refreshing recipe for […]

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Blogs I Heart: Fairytale Relationships, Medicating Feelings + Body Acceptance

I truly love you, sweet readers, but sometimes I feel just like this about social media. Many of you beautiful ladies are working to create the ultimate lifestyle business. You’ll want to read this article. If you’re working on a business, new product, ebook…anything! Read this: It’s Not Perfect. Launch Anyway. While starting your business, […]

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Blogs I Heart: Online Negativity, Reality Checks + Scrumptious Chocolate

online negativity, reality checks, and chocolate

Breaking up with work is hard to do, but you will survive. (P.S. How gorgeous is that online mag?) Solid post on negativity online. You will experience it, dear friends, but it will be okay. I love, love, love hearing stories of corporate management like this! Pinterest traffic has grown for my blog tremendously, so […]

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Blogs I Heart: Online Businesses + Golden Theme Parties

pink and gold office

I’ve been doing these stretches for the past week, and they’re so helpful if you work at a desk all day! Fitness should be fun. Would you try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? What could be better than blending physical activity with mindfulness? Business owners, bookmark these! 23 Phrases Every Stressed Out, Strung Out, Well-Meaning (Yet Irritable) […]

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Blogs I Heart: Food Jewelry + Feminism + Healing Heartbreak

Blogs I Heart march

I cannot get over these Tree Change Dolls! What a beautiful and refreshing message. Do you have a capsule wardrobe? It’s on my to-do list! These tips will make it super easy. I love the authenticity of recent super model magazine features! Have you seen the beautiful untouched image of Cindy Crawford, or this candid […]

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