Because Life Is Short: The Happy Couples’ Secret Weapon


Seriousness has an important place in love + life. Deep and meaningful conversations. Life-changing decisions. Support at times when emotions are running high. But playfulness is just as – if not more – important. Laughter is a language that people use to bond. To mend. To escape. People who take themselves too seriously (and lack […]

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Soulmates + “The One”

We all want a soulmate. “The One.” Your perfect partner who can read your mind + finish your sentences. We want fate + fireworks. But believing in predetermined destiny is limiting. It leaves little room for adventure + what life may want to give you. What if The One isn’t who you thought they would […]

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Why Dependency Is Good (+ how we get it twisted)

why dependency is good

Mankind’s greatest problem is anxiety. Our greatest anxiety is helplessness. And the helplessness? It’s all about about dependency – depending on others for emotional survival. All that depending scares the shit out of us. It can make us feel small to need others. This fear creates millions of microscopic fractures through the very core our […]

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This Is How Much I Love You

Wish you were here hotel

  I love you so much that I won’t let you lie to me. To yourself. Or to the world about what you really want. I love you so much that I assume you show up ready. Ready to rock. To do the work. To evolve. I love you so much that I will continually […]

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The Secret to Inspiring Love + Devotion

In pursuit of Magic

Today’s post is generously brought to us by the divine Syndee Stein, creatrix of Deeper Ground. She is a rocket-fueled trail guide for your inner evolution, a bodyworker, movement teacher, visionary of vibrancy, and an enthusiast of all things life, including YOU! If it’s love make sure to connect with her on Twitter + Facebook. […]

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On having more sex, renouncing the past + wild synchronicity

woman back

If you were to look up ‘synchronicity’ in the dictionary you’d see:“the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance and that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner” I say: synchronicity means embracing contradictions. Interested in a life of elated coming-together-ness.  Snapping […]

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Our Love Story: We got married for the first time at 36 and 38

sunset on a roof

This is one of many ‘Our Love Story’ interviews, in which we talk to different couples about how they met and how they make their relationship work, day in and day out.  This is the story of Mark and Lisa.* How did you meet your husband? We lived in the same apartment building my last […]

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Amp Up Your Sexy With Men (avoid these 3 missteps)

make up set on the floor

So what is it about the woman that always gets the guy?  You know who I’m talking about. Every guy you know thinks she’s cool/smart/funny.  Men get giddy round her.  Conversations stall when she walks into a room. What does she know that the rest of us don’t? Girl, it’s not about what she has […]

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Love Your Body Naked

Julie Merriman Wray has owned and operated seven different businesses (!), married the man of her dreams, raised the cutest toddler ever.  These days she blogs at Olivine’s Charm School about life, self-love and sparkles.  Stop over and have a look! Yes, you may have heard of doing mirror work, and frankly, you would probably […]

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Sometimes It’s Not Ok

red cactus

I don’t know how you feel. I can only remember how I felt when it happened to me. And it sucked. I’m not going to tell you to feel better because it’s not time for “better” -yet. Because sometimes it’s not OK. Perhaps such a statement elicits a sigh of relief, a ping of anxiety, […]

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The Perils of Mr. Perfect + Why Your List Is Trash

Scrap your list mr right

Scrap your Mr. Perfect list. What if I told you that when you annihilate the borders of restriction you allow in a tide of eligible men? Would you be willing to release + let go of  what you think will make you happy in a man? Yes?  Cool.  Stay with me a minute. Courage is […]

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Are You A “Mommy” or Sexy Seductress?

Are you sexy or a mommy

It sounds like this: It’s cold out, take a sweater. Don’t leave that here. Put it back where it belongs. That’s too expensive, you can’t spend that. Oh no, you can’t do that! Ladies: your guy is not a fresh-faced five-year-old. Men don’t need to be trained and scolded like puppies. For the love of […]

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Our Love Story: Cindy + Ken Share Secrets To A Happy Marriage

man and woman having coffee

This is the first entry in the ‘Our Love’ interview series.  We’ll be talking to couples of different ages and backgrounds about how they’ve made their relationships work.  Cindy and Ken Schmale have been together for 25 years! How did you know he was the right one for you? This question can be a difficult […]

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How To Choose Mr. Right – Like Fast

Find Mr. Right

I guess I should go out with him again. Sound familiar? Every girl does it. You spend an hour (or three) sifting through your armoire for the perfect ensemble. You primp your hot little self to perfection, eyes a-sparklin’ with the limitless potential of the evening ahead. Two hours into your shoulda-been-hot date, you’re wondering […]

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Mr. Available + Truth That Frees

when something feels off

When I turned 30 (more than a few years ago now) I temporarily lost myself. My identity pixelated. Shattered like a billion broken shards of glass. I thought I was supposed to be married. Or at the very least not alone. I was attractive. Educated. Spiraling along with a solid career. Wasn’t I the very […]

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Let’s Talk About: Work/Life Balance

woman holding coffee

On Monday, we talked about being totally freakin’ busy.  I asked to some of my friends about how they maintain the balance of self-love, career and a great relationship. My schedule is always packed and I don’t get the time or the quietude I need for myself—I’m working on that. But I have a few […]

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Let’s Talk About: Negotiation

boat in the ocean

Remember when we talked about Sticky Sweet Negotiation?  And seven steps to radical self-awareness?  Well, I talked to some of my ladies about how they find compromise with their misters.  For piles of good advice – read on! Negotiation is my least favorite word. Obviously I’d rather just have things my way but in order […]

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Let’s Talk About: Ridiculous Fights

Couple Arguing

On Monday we talked about three ways to instantly improve communication with your mister – but we can’t all be perfect all the time. I asked a few of my girls to dish on some of the silliest, most over-the-top arguments they’ve had with their partners.  It’s always good to hear you’re not the only […]

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3 Ways to Instantly Improve Communication With Your Man

couple having breakfast

Are you frustrated, confused, flabbergasted or confounded by men? Do you find yourself uttering platitudes like “all guys are jerks” — even though you know, deep down, that it simply isn’t true? Do you expect your husband or boyfriend to act like a mirror image of yourself, with identical values, feelings and listening techniques? Are […]

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Sticky Sweet Negotiation: 7 steps to radical self-awareness (+ simpatico exchanges)

a couple arguing

Negotiation is like a muscle — use it daily, and it’ll get beautifully toned and powerful. But neglect it, and it’ll be weak and useless when confrontation strikes. Strengthening your negotiation muscle leads to deeper self-awareness, angst-free communication, and a greater appreciation for your partner’s perspective — and unique thought patterns. To prepare for a […]

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