I rarely ever speak about my weight

How I Overcame My Weight Issues

I used to only ever feel pretty when I was starving. When I fit into my skinny jeans. When my stomach growled with hunger pains. When I comfortably fit in a size 0. As you might imagine, my inner mean girl wasn’t kind. “You have too many dimples on your tush.” “Look at your love […]

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What yoga has taught me about leadership

What yoga has taught me about leadership

Today’s post is from my friend Thais Guimaraes, also known as the catalyst maker Coach Thais. She supports ambitious coaches, healers, teachers, trainers and heart-centered women to optimize their lifestyle, grow a spiritually badass business, step deeper into faith and lead from authentic feminine power. ++++++++++++++ When I first started going to yoga, I was […]

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4 Easy Ways To Feel Healthier in Your Body


With spring comes the excitement of sunshine, fresh flowers and warmer temps. Over the past 3 weeks you have added in some spring foods, reduced your sugar intake wrote love notes to your body and as a result are hopefully clearer and more confident. This week we will be discussing the addition of four healthy […]

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‘Seasonal eating’ for greater energy with Katie Bressack


As we continue our Spring Fling together, today we are going to add a little more Spring to your plate. Whenever the seasons change our cravings do too. Remember this past December when your body was craving root veggies and meat? Your body was craving heavier and more nourishing foods to help keep you warm. […]

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Writing Love Notes to Our Body with Katie Bressack


Today, we are going to write some love notes to our body. I encourage you to get some post it notes, I really like the heart shaped ones, and find a quiet space in your home. Start by asking yourself: “What would my body like to hear daily so I feel empowered, loved and accepted?” […]

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A Healthy Spring Fling with Katie Bressack


Growing up in New Hampshire, as soon as March arrived I had a serious case of Spring Fever. I couldn’t wait to toss my winter jacket and liberate my toes. It usually didn’t happen until May or so, but it felt so good to know that warmer weather was on its way. No matter where […]

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Motivation Monday: Manage energy, not time + 3 other tools for greater happiness now

greater happiness

Happy Monday, bright souls!  It’s time for another loving round of Motivation Monday. Manage energy, not time:  Nothing else exists without good health, and you cannot fully take care of others if you don’t take the time to take care of yourself.  While several areas of life are important contributors to our happiness, there is a hierarchy that […]

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Monday Motivation: 3 Compelling Reasons to Indulge in Chocolate!


Don’t think your sweet treat could get any sweeter? Think again. A growing body of research on flavonols, a type of antioxidant plentiful in cocoa beans, suggests that this guilty pleasure can do wonders for your overall well-being. The delicious benefits: Sharper Mind: Harvard researchers found that when older adults with diabetes or hypertension and […]

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Monday Motivation: Do this 2 min exercise to release your stress


Think about a stressful situation you’re facing at the moment–something small or something epic. Close your eyes and scan your body, noticing where you feel tension when you think about this tough situation. It might take a minute to find the spot. (Good places to check: jaw, shoulders, belly, chest, throat.) Rest your hand on […]

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Monday Motivation: 4 Things to Know About Drinking Green Juice


Drinking a green juice is one of the best parts of my mornings, and I try to do it every day to get a healthy boost of nutrients.  I find that when I stick to a regular Monday through Friday schedule of clean eating, regular exercise, a full nights rest and a green juice I feel and look my […]

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