Expect to Offend Some People (be you anyway)

expect to offen some people be you pearl necklace laying ontop of books

Here are some things I’ve done that have offended people: a) voiced my political opinions b) taken a few fries off their plate c) used the wrong pronoun d) worn white jeans and sequins when I ‘should’ have been wearing a dark, subtle suit If you’re alive, breathing, with blood pulsing through your veins, you’ve […]

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How To Be Happier Today: 36 Ideas to Climb Out of a Bad Mood

Tips on how to be happier

How to be happier? Well, it certainly doesn’t start by saying “NOTHING EVER WORKS OUT FOR MEEEEEE!” These are the words I cried to a friend, and then the tears flowed. I’d interviewed for what I thought was my dream job. I was sure I’d nailed the interview. The owner of the company seemed to […]

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How to stop self-doubt (+ grown up decisions)

Grown Up Decisions

At some point you will have to decide: I don’t want to worry as much battle as much compare, judge or self sabotage as much.   It will be liberating + oh, so grown up of you. It will be part of becoming more spiritually evolved. It will be epic. At some point you will […]

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Do Better (+ how I royally messed up)

I'm sorry

I messed up. Like, big time. I should have known better. I thought I did know better. Life can be messy. One part spills over and mashes into another. Never stagnant; ever shifting; interconnected + paradoxical. Rendering the whole bit slightly out of our hands. Have you recently (or not so recently) had a colossal […]

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Your Pain is not an Excuse (sorry)

opened umbrella

I’ve heard it before + I am not having it. Not. at. all. Don’t tell me you’re afraid of opening up or: success, failure, or love. Because you’re not. Petrified of loss? Humiliation? Bankruptcy? Sorry, it’s just not true. Don’t want to write it, sing it, or declare it because you fear you won’t measure […]

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Why I Stopped Comparing Myself to Others

why I stopped comparing myself

Many of us are slaves to comparison. I’m not as thin as So-and-so I don’t earn as much as she does I’m not as funny or as intelligent I’m not as tall or as pretty The list goes on. And on. I totally get it. I do it too – but (thankfully) not as often […]

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3 Ways To Choose Happy

Three ways to choose happy

  We all want to be happy, right? Right. While doing research for my first book, I uncovered a formula to help people boost innate faith, increase confidence, + attain genuine happiness + satisfaction. After years of schooling, training, and working with a plethora of clients, I have discovered the one thing we all want […]

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Self Sabotage Is A Bitch

Self Sabotage

Allow me to set the scene: I’m talking to a client who has recently broken up with an amazing guy who worshiped the ground she floated over. “Why did you walk away from him?” “I don’t know, ” she said mystified and withdrawn. “Could it be because you were afraid of having what you wanted?”  I offered. Lightbulb.  Yes, […]

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Anything Could Happen (+ ellie goulding)

anything could happen

What will it take for you to be head-over-heels inspired? To be deliciously joyful? What will it take for you to love your body for once? Send the letter? Make the call? What will it to take to commit to your life in a larger, more courageous way than ever before? When will you choose […]

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Expect Amazing (+ free gifts for all your digital devices)

expect amazing

You can live, you can give, you can love and achieve. You can take this very moment, with whatever it may hold, and transform it into a positive, enriching, fulfilling experience. You can feel the truth and beauty of your authentic purpose, and take action to follow that purpose. You can let go of all […]

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You Should Change (+ the new metrics of success)


2012 has imprinted one significant lesson on me: Adapt and adjust quickly. The rapid rate of change in our economy has made chaos a defining construct of business + life. Embracing adaptability and the openness to learning from anywhere are proving to be two key ingredients to thriving best in this environment. Regardless if you are […]

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It Doesn’t Feel Right (+ why you shouldn’t)

“It doesn’t feel right.” Hold up. Pause right there. Even if it doesn’t feel like it: this is a significant place to be. Powerful even.  Definitely worth noting. Yet we steamroll through these feelings as if they were inconsequential. Or inconvenient even. We think we don’t have time for something to “not feel right.” The job […]

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Damn, You’re Hot

damn you are hot

I met a girlfriend for an early morning cup of coffee + conversation in West Hollywood recently. I have a handful of favorite spots that I can count on to make a sharp, bitter espresso. I arrived a few minutes early (which rarely happens) and ordered a pot of coffee while I waited for her […]

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Brag about yourself, damn it.

Brag about yourself

You have poured: blood sweat tears into your livelihood Nothing more. Nothing less. Now imagine you are one room away from a meeting with your dream agent/ national manager/casting director/network executive/magazine editor. Notice how you’re feeling about your art, product, service, business or creative acumen. Maybe a tidal wave of anxiety floods your heart + […]

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The Only 3 Questions That Matter

Only three questions matter

We’re distracted. Overbooked. Disconnected. Too tired try. Too “damaged” to open up. Too absorbed with getting moremoremore to bother giving. We tell ourselves “I’ll get to it later.” It sounds like this: One day, I’ll  book that trip, begin that exercise program, leave my 9-5 + launch my own business. I’ll start dancing, writing, singing, […]

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4 Signs You Should Breakup With Him

4 Signs You Should Break Up With Him

We’ve all been there. You and your honey have been together forever and a day. You’ve even mentally designed the ideal wedding,  kitchen island counter-top and  the kids’ grammar school graduation. But lately, the relationship is hitting the skids and getting through an average day feels like wading through knee-deep Mississippi mud. You thought you’d […]

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Gnarly Mistakes

pink guitar and game

There’s no avoiding them. Don’t cover them up. Don’t pretend they don’t exist. Really, really don’t blame someone else. Own it. It’s probably your fault, anyway. Look,  you’re going to ‘eff up. You have before. And you will again. You’ll wish you did. You’ll wish you didn’t. You’ll wish you said this or didn’t say […]

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You’re Not Going To Die…

IF you don’t get the job, the call-back, the promotion. If you max out your credit-cards, wipe out your savings, lose every cent in your checking account…. you’ll still be ok. If your lover leaves you or the relationship you have tirelessly nurtured withers and ends… you’ll survive. If you flub your words, regretfully overstep […]

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The Necessary Brilliance Of Easing Up

All we have is now image

  Think less. Bitch less. Push less. + create more.   The universe responds to your diligence but it also responds to your joy. Consider when it’s time to pull back. Not, by the way, to be confused with letting go. “Easing up” is taking your foot off the gas.  Just a tad. It’s 45 miles […]

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This Is How Much I Love You

Wish you were here hotel

  I love you so much that I won’t let you lie to me. To yourself. Or to the world about what you really want. I love you so much that I assume you show up ready. Ready to rock. To do the work. To evolve. I love you so much that I will continually […]

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Let go.

red heart ballon floating in the sky

We’ve talked about sucking it up.  About being awesome. But what about letting go?  Does letting go = giving up?  Why should you let go? Let go because life has backed you into a corner. Let go because you deserve better.  Different. Let go because it’s more painful to hold on. If you refuse to […]

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I Got Whipped (+How To Suck It Up)

I got whipped suck it up

I got whipped. And I liked it. Last week I sauntered up to a brief but fierce call with the high-priestess of straight-talk herself, Erika Lyremark. In case you’re not in the know, when the creater of The Daily Whip offers you an ass-kicking- you show up. Hey, I like a good lesson.  Dish it […]

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Amp Up Your Sexy With Men (avoid these 3 missteps)

make up set on the floor

So what is it about the woman that always gets the guy?  You know who I’m talking about. Every guy you know thinks she’s cool/smart/funny.  Men get giddy round her.  Conversations stall when she walks into a room. What does she know that the rest of us don’t? Girl, it’s not about what she has […]

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Sometimes It’s Not Ok

red cactus

I don’t know how you feel. I can only remember how I felt when it happened to me. And it sucked. I’m not going to tell you to feel better because it’s not time for “better” -yet. Because sometimes it’s not OK. Perhaps such a statement elicits a sigh of relief, a ping of anxiety, […]

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