Monday Motivation: Stop Rushing to “Normal”

stop rushing to be normal

Hey beauty, Happy Monday! I have been going through a lot of transition lately and have subsequently found that I’m attracting clients who are about 3 paces behind me in their own but highly similar transition.  This attraction is an interesting phenomenon and feels intensely on purpose. The magic of course is that I am […]

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Monday Motivation: “I Trust Myself to Figure It Out.”


Decide it’s time. Time for: :: that heart centered dream :: taking chances :: an end to self sabotage :: & heaps of trust fueled by love I feel like every successful person who’s ever made their dreams a reality had a specific turning point. This turning point was when they finally decided to STOP […]

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Monday Motivation: “My Career is a Vehicle for Love.”


My career is a vehicle for love!  I was listening to Marianne Williamson last week whilst doing my spiritual alignment work for the day and she shared the below reminder regarding the work we do in the world. “When it comes to career the question to ask is- “How can what I am doing carry […]

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Monday Motivation: 12 Ideas for your Summer Bucket List


Ninety-degree weather has proclaimed the arrival of summer loudly and clearly. For me, that means it’s time to make a seasonal to-do list. Not because I feel unproductive otherwise, but because it’s the best way to make sure I have every adventure I want. To help you be a little more adventurous this summer, I […]

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Monday Motivation: 10 Choices That Will Guide You To A Regret-Free Life


Regrets. It seems like there’s no avoiding them. You’ll wish you did. You’ll wish you didn’t. You’ll wish you said this or didn’t say that. It’s too late. The point is: you did or didn’t or couldn’t or wouldn’t. And there is always something better to do with your time + energy than pointing the […]

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Monday Motivation: 12 Ways to Show More Self Respect


Let’s begin by clearing up something: Self-respect does not make you narcissistic or conceited or self-centered … in fact, it does quite the opposite. Self-respect is about amassing a deep sense of self-worth and self-love to show that you are worthy of receiving love and in turn, giving love. The problem for most of us […]

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10 Reasons to Say No (with kindness + integrity, of course)


With endless work deadlines, social engagements, family responsibilities and the hope for some self-care, it can feel like we’re in a constant battle with time. Learning to say no more often just might be the solution. Appreciating your need for some “me time” is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. When we can […]

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I Wish I Had The Courage To…..


Cou·ra·geous kə-ˈrā-jəs :: valiant :: having or characterize by courage :: being able to face fear with bravery The willingness to be 10% more courageous could significantly alter + direct the course of your life—in the most magnificent kind of way.   It could lead to breakthrough ideas, infinitely important connections, multiple revenue streams, toe curling […]

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Monday Motivation: 4 Ways to Get Through Difficult Times More Easily


You know you’re not in control anymore. This is probably the most difficult realization about hard times. What feels like overnight you are suddenly questioning what you thought you knew, perhaps you have to make big shifts before you feel ready or maybe life simply doesn’t seem to be going your way. Don’t fret, dear […]

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