I rarely ever speak about my weight

How I Overcame My Weight Issues

I used to only ever feel pretty when I was starving. When I fit into my skinny jeans. When my stomach growled with hunger pains. When I comfortably fit in a size 0. As you might imagine, my inner mean girl wasn’t kind. “You have too many dimples on your tush.” “Look at your love […]

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Soul Sessions: Live Abundantly with Passion and Purpose (Live Events!)

Soul Sessions Live Events in Los Angeles at Wanderlust Hollywood

To all my L.A. sisters! I am absolutely honored and thrilled to be hosting a six month speaking series  beginning Thursday January 21st on How to Live Abundantly with Passion and Purpose at Wanderlust Hollywood — a place to practice, listen, taste, learn, and gather. Wanderlust Hollywood is a fusion of classes and experiences from […]

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