Having It “All Together” Made Me Feel Like I was Falling Apart

Photo of Dr. Danielle Dowling drinking coffee

  For decades I have felt the overwhelming pressure to “have it all together” in life. Consciously: I thought I was being a good, hard working, responsible girl. I was doing what I was supposed to do. Subconsciously: I’ve been carrying a 550 lb boulder of “hurry up and get there” on my shoulders. You […]

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8 clever things you might want to read this weekend

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It’s the weekend! Why not pour yourself a cup of coffee and dig into some of these great links from this month’s sponsors? A 5-step cleanse for glowing skin, supercharged immunity, and happy digestion?  Love it.  Sign up for Fern’s email list and you’ll get it for free! Want to surrender to your desires?  Here’s how. […]

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