Celebrate You! How a Feel-Good Attitude Manifests More Feel-Good Moments

A group of young women smiling and taking a selfie to capture the feel good moment and celebrate each other.

Would you believe it if I told you partying was a skill set worth getting good at?

I know…I know…you’ve probably spent most of your adult life having that message stamped out of you by a very serious and hard working world! And yet, there’s manifestational magic tied to the balloon strings of a good celebratory attitude.  


You see, the energetic Universe responds, in the most pleasing of ways, to your good mood and cheer. As shared many times on the pages of my blog and wings of my heart, there is nothing more important in the game of manifestation than feeling good. We live in a Universe governed by The Law of Creation which says that like attracts like and we get more of what we’re focused on–whatever we’re focused on.  


As one can imagine, the dreams and desires of one’s heart are made of a high vibration energy. The bountiful bank account, adoring partner, like-minded community and prosperous business opportunities are all made of an uplifted, joyful energy.  Therefore, If you want to be the speedy and direct receiver of such dreams, care about how you feel, because how you feel is an indicator of what you are currently attracting. If you want to attract good, then focus on feeling good!


A manifestation footnote: you don’t have to necessarily feel good about your most desired dream in order to easily receive the manifestation of it. You simply need to be in a hopeful, uplifted and grateful mood–most of the time. For, the receiving mode is the receiving mode. You don’t need to be in the receiving mode about the love of your life to attract the love of your life! For many, it’s challenging to think and feel good about the thing we want most, because often the thing we want most seems to be taking it’s sweet ol’ time! Therefore, don’t force yourself to feel and think good about something you’re not ready to think and feel good about. Rather, actively find all the other reasons you have to feel good and let that get your attention.  

In fact, don’t just focus on all the other reasons you have to feel good.


And here, friends is where partying becomes an abundance magnet tool like no other.   For partying and celebrating are like energetic turbo boosters strapped to your very own manifestational rocket! They take the feelings of feeling good and skyrocket them to the stars! Celebrating exaggerates the feelings of feeling good while holding you in firm emotional alignment and the graceful receiving of your dreams. Therefore, intentionally look for reasons, big and small, to celebrate who you are, how far you have come and where you’re going! 

Reasons to celebrate:

:: You kept your word with yourself

:: You regularly look for and hyper-focus on what feels good 

:: You wrote the well intended email, text, or made the phone call that was equally well received

:: You got a good night’s sleep followed by a refreshing shower and an easy drive to work

:: You held the door for them. They held the door for you.

:: You put yourself and your happiness first

:: You enjoyed fun and play with your child

:: You care a little less about what they think and a little more about how you feel

:: You embrace the wind in your hair, the gentle breeze, the smell of the ocean, the song of the birds

:: You delight in the joy of an unfolding project, adventure, study

:: You no longer believe that thing you believed that caused you to doubt yourself

:: You got the job, attracted the lover, deposited the check, ran the race

:: and much, much, much more…..


How to party:

:: Call a friend, someone you love and/or admire and share the news 

:: Take the afternoon off in honor of how good you feel 

:: Go somewhere that feels like a treat! ie: an afternoon by the ocean, the bookstore, the spa.

:: Buy the candle, the shoes, the paints, the essential oils, the technology you desire

:: Cook the celebratory meal 

:: Buy yourself flowers every Friday for a month

:: Write yourself a note or lengthy letter about how proud of yourself you are


However you choose to party, make sure you do so with the intention of congratulating yourself for choosing to feel good about all you have to feel good about!  


There are so many delightful reasons to feel good and celebrate along the path to the accomplishment of your dreams. Unfortunately, most have been taught to withhold feeling good until the final goal has been achieved. And yet, this is the slow way to come into the having of what we desire most. When feeling-good and celebrating is held hostage, so is our ability to manifest our dreams with ease, grace and efficiency. You may get what you want, but it’ll take awhile! 


Continue to be on purpose with the pursuits of your heart. Pair that intention with the celebration of what feels good along the way and enjoy the ride as you turbo boost for the stars! 


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P.S. Feeling good is the key to the manifestation of your heart’s desires. Care about how you feel.