Welcome! I’m Dr. Danielle Dowling.

My goal is to help you slice your conflicts in half and live the life you want.

(What does that really mean?)

  • It means getting clear – once and for all – about what you desire. And then going after it.
  • It means creating healthy boundaries.
  • It means choosing, very carefully, who is allowed into your life.
  • It means realizing that you were meant for happiness + peace + great things.

Sound amazing? We can make it a reality for you.
To be clear, I can’t “fix” your life or your problems. Only you can.
I can help you gain more clarity, more understanding, and form a plan of action, but coaching + therapy aren’t a magic cure-alls. I’ll help you think big – then break your dreams down into beautiful, doable steps.

Why? Because you deserve to be happy. We all do.
Happiness is not reserved for special people. Everyone has regrets, things we wish we hadn’t done, people we’ve hurt along the way, people who have hurt us. I’m a firm believer that we can heal our wounds and step into happiness. You deserve it as much as anyone.

As obvious as that sounds, it took me years of self-work to believe it myself. In addition to my M.A. and PsyD in psychology, I’ve learned a lot through countless mistakes and bursts of divine resilience fueled by the desire to experience more joy. Hustling my whole life has brought me to a place where I’m simply more interested in choosing love – rather than fear – in any situation.

Ultimately, I am most interested in how we create lives that we love living.

Which sounds lovely, right? And right now, maybe your heart is climbing + soaring while you imagine a life filled with creativity, passion, and abundance.

Your brain, on the other hand, wants hard facts + credentials.
I’m all over it, woman. Here you go:

  • My clients are leaders who are looking to step up their game. They’re either already good at what they do and want to be better or are stuck and want to get unstuck. And our work together has lead to amazing, phenomenal shifts. Things like: MBAs from Columbia, newly opened yoga studios, finished doctorate degrees, pounds lost (70!), repaired relationships, big promotions, engagements, half marathons, and healthy good-byes to unhealthy jobs.
  • I’m for freedom-fighting. I believe delayed joy is needless. Truth liberates + freedom moves. I believe we all have a deep desire to be recognized, seen, and celebrated for what is seen. So loosen your shackles + show the world who you really are + what you really want. We will applaud you.
  • I hold masters and doctorate degrees in psychology.
    Translation: I’m unabashedly intellectual, but far from stuffy. My training in psychology informs my work as a life coach and vice versa, giving my clients the best of both. Psychology helps us work through the ‘why’ of our current struggles and find the root of toxic behavior. Coaching helps us build a present + future we desire most. Together, they help us heal the past, embrace the present and take a real, active hand in creating the life + future we want.
  • I will not let you lie to me, yourself, or the world about what you want.
    We’ll educate your intuition, harness the power of intention, release toxic behaviors
    + map out a blueprint for the change you’re seeking.
  • I’m a Jersey girl, baby! Born and bred.
  • I’m A Course in Miracles student. A Course in Miracles is a complete self-study spiritual thought system that teaches that the way to universal love and peace is by undoing guilt through forgiving others, healing our relationships + making them whole.
  • When I’m not coaching or clicking away on my keyboard you can find me: out in nature–the ocean, blue skies + greenery of Southern California lights me up! Hanging out with my beautiful husband, drinking a green juice, stretching my way through yoga + laughing it up with close girlfriends!

Are you ready to cut through frustration + overwhelm and right into your brilliance? Wonderful.

If you want it – we’ll get it.
Lean in.
Come closer.

Begin it.

Transform Your Life Today!