The Weekend Hot List

Are you a big reader?  You’ll get a kick out of my girl Sarah’s hilarious ‘Puss In Books’ 2014 calendar.

Some ideas to get your creative process going!
Incubation. Just let it all go. The best ways to do this are meditation, yoga, exercise, dancing, or anything where you can lose yourself in the flow of the activity. This is a period of uncertainty and detachment.

What does love look like after three years together?

Personal training via Skype?  Why did it take us so long to think of that?

So, so helpful!  How to plan your holiday outfits.

Well, this ring is just fantastic.  And I’d love to pair it with this dress.

I loved this post about the reward of work.
why then do i have this notion that for something to be “right” it must be easy? as i get older i truly look forward to “the work” in all areas of my life. every conversation, every argument, every adventure, every dilemma presents me with endless opportunity to get to know myself better, to become more fully me in the best of ways.

So helpful, especially at this time of year! A podcast about optimizing your energy.

Yes!  The Creative Woman’s Manifesto:
• Find your permission givers and accept invitations
• Listen to your body and your intuition. Follow it.
• Nurture yourself, not just everyone else.
• Recognize your “good enough” – and learn to live it.
• Find what makes your heart sing, and do it.
• Practice daily.

A reminder: you have permission to say no.

Authenticity in business.  Is it possible? Linda says yes!

I loved Leonie’s post about how to never get what you want.
At the first sign of resistance or difficulty in making your dreams come true (cashflow problems, customer problems, getting your first publishing rejection letter), take it as a “sign from the universe” and throw in the towel.
And say it’s because it wasn’t the right time. That it wasn’t the right flow/astrological alignment/soul lesson.
That what’s meant to be will be. Without any effort from you.

Love this!

You don’t always have time to dig deep and do the tough work.  Sometimes you just need a temporary fix – Alicia has eight of them!

Wouldn’t this print look gorgeous in a sunny little kitchen?

Helpful! 5 tips for winter wellness!


Happy reading!