Crying is Self-Care + How To Cry It Out As An Adult

Is crying self-care? You bet your bottom dollar it is!

Crying is not only a form of self-care but also self-compassion. It is not, as some might say, weak or a waste of time. In fact, crying and releasing pent up anger, upset and angst can be the fastest way to relief all around. May I even go so far as to suggest that crying is a high performance skill! As allowing oneself to feel one’s emotions can be.

When you deny yourself the opportunity to feel your feelings, you delay the return to feeling good and centered and calm. Crying and the emotions that inspire it are meant to be experienced and known. As we allow ourselves the permission to cry and be mindful of the feelings that arise, we come into greater self-awareness and understanding. Preferences become clear and next steps in alignment with the Soul’s greatest path unfurl.  

Rather than dismissing crying as inconvenient, know the act can be self informative.

Crying allows the soul to process the very important, and as mentioned, informative messages that grief, disappointment and anger desire to communicate. You see, knowing what you don’t want sheds light on what you do want. A cliche saying for a very good reason, yes?

Therefore, when you’re in pain, allow yourself a “good” cry. Flow the upset. As you do, you grant yourself the soothing balm of self-compassion. Choose to be tender and gentle with yourself as you go through the gradual yet efficient process of understanding your emotions and therefore yourself!

Know that as you handle yourself with the care, attention and tenderness of a newborn baby you will feel loved, understood, consoled and witnessed.

As you commit to self-awareness, understanding, love and worth come into alignment with ease and grace, rather than the aggression, disregard and isolation of self that can come from “cracking the whip” and demanding outcomes of yourself and others that are not timely.


  • To allow for crying, dig deep within and root out those upsets that have made your eyes well with tears on many occasions.
  • Rather than bury them deeper as you often do, pull them out and take a long look at them.
    You’ll often find that doing this stirs things up just enough for the tears to form.
  • Once they do, allow the therapeutic torrent to come and self-understanding and expansion to flow.


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