Dear D: I need high-minded, sleeves rolled up, FREE advice

I am accepting + welcoming “Dear D” letters for my advice column.

How it works:

You’ve got:
A conundrum.
Some serious confusion.
You think you might even feel a headache coming on
Not to mention a plethora of questions

You Need:
Nuts and bolts hashing it out
To be reminded of your greatness
Someone to give it to you straight
Strategies +
blueprints for sustainable change

I’m here to help.

What can I advise you on?
:: Getting over exes
:: Choosing quality romantic relationships
:: Forgiveness
:: Career cross-roads
:: Making peace with the past
:: How to innovate + get anything you want
:: Trusting vs. Controlling

Really, just about anything love or life related.

Thought so.
Email me at:

Your letter + my response will be posted online however, identities will be kept confidential.

Unfortunately, not every letter will be answered but a special gift will be offered to
those who take the time to write.

Liberate your frustrations.
Bare your soul.
Manifest the support you need.

Write to me.

© 2012 Danielle Dowling
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