Let’s Go on a Magic Carpet Ride! (Video)

creating a dreamscape journal

Welcome back to Dreamscape Journal December! Oh my, how quickly a year goes and yet, it’s time once again to frolic in the magic of the heart’s delights.  What better way to move into the graceful receiving of all you wish than to pay attention to your desires with thrill and possibility alike!  In late 2020 I launched Dreamscape Journal December with enthusiasm, pride and hope.  The hope that disillusioned thoughts and feelings of the past would be readily cast aside.  Replaced with the joy and anticipation and knowing that “my dreams come true.”

Friend, we’re on the precipice of yet and another new year.  Therefore, it’s with a full heart I invited you to grant yourself permission to dream big! Join me for a month of reacquainting yourself with your heart’s deepest wishes and desires. Put a pause on practicality as we release any concerns about how to “make our dreams happen,” and simply allow ourselves to swim in the tranquil and restorative waters of effortless ease and manifesting abundance.

We’ll explore all things magic and manifestation. I’ll teach you how to reach this place of pure power and inner knowing, so abundance rains down on you!

Let’s begin at the beginning. That, friends, is the state of being intimately aware of and connected to your soul’s dreams and desires.

What you’ll need:

⭐ A journal or notebook that feels fun and ideally fits in your favorite purse or handbag. There’s nothing like carrying around the energy of your heart’s desires to keep you in Dreamscape mode!

⭐ A pile of magazines that sets your heart on fire with passion and glee when you look at the photos.

⭐ Glue, scissors, tape, glitter, stickers, ribbons and any other embellishments that have your soul jumping up and down in joy.

⭐ To share! Please share your photos, thoughts, feelings. Please share your dreams and desires, big or small, with the group. We will support, celebrate and love you in return.

⭐ The willingness to put a pause on being practical and instead hop upon a magic carpet ride of fairy dust and pixie wings!

Join me Thursdays through the end of December as we daydream with abandon and revel in the reality of our heart’s delights.




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