The Necessary Brilliance Of Easing Up

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Think less.
Bitch less.
Push less.
+ create more.


The universe responds to your diligence
but it also responds to your joy.

Consider when it’s time to pull back.
Not, by the way, to be confused with letting go.

“Easing up” is taking your foot off the gas.  Just a tad.
It’s 45 miles an hour, not 60.  A 5K run instead of a 10K.

Recognize when it’s time to loosen up and when it’s time to go harder.
Notice that voice that says:  “I don’t want to work so much today.”
“I need simplicity + quiet.”  “I need to hit the snooze button.”

At some point the relentless pushing will need to stop
or at least be put on pause.
Because there will always, always be more work to do.
And that won’t stop.

Consider slowing down and letting progress + contentment come to you.
We think the world spins on its axis because of our own aggressive participation.
But what if we ceased participating so fiercely?

We think if we slow down, progress will come to a stop.
But have you tried?

Observe what happens.
Contrary to popular belief, pulling back does not mean you will have to go without.
Slowing down the machine that is you does not mean you have to expect less in return.

Traffic doesn’t screech to a halt.
Planes do not fall from the sky.
You don’t gain seven pounds.
Your business pulses vigorously along.
And friends and family are happy to wait an extra 24 hours to speak to you.

In fact, easing up may usher in the next wave of
+ deep breaths that preempt innovation.

And it just feels ‘effing good to take a break once in awhile.
Ease up on yourself, but don’t minimize your dreams.
The cosmos will help you make your magic happen.

So take a break.
Make space for the seed of your efforts to bloom.
Know that the universe has your back on this one.

We all do.



I’m a Los Angeles based relationship expert + life coach.
But show up ready.
This is life at full tilt.


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© 2012 Danielle Dowling


Photo by tanialee gonzalez on Unsplash