Embrace Your Magical Reality (Video)

hand writing on paper saying "the magic happens right where you stand"

It’s time for you to “win” at the game of life. Rather than hiding in the shadows of scarcity and limitation and mediocrity, it’s time for you to rise to your proper and appropriate experience of joy and prosperity.

You are Source energy in a human body and as such are powerful beyond measure. Certainly, at times, beyond your own comprehension! Let us now close the gap in that understanding. Like a wave carrying seashells to shore, it’s time to gently but purposefully come into the acknowledgment of your power to create the reality that you DREAM so often!

There exists no force larger than the epic power within you to create all you desire.
Do you know this?
Most fear they are merely pawns in a game orchestrated by anyone but themselves.

The truth, dear friend, is that there is no one and nothing directing and dictating the outcomes of your life but you! And yet, there is a larger benevolent force, by whichever name one might call it, that loves us, is rooting for us and wants us to “win” at life. In fact, you are adored SO MUCH by this energy that humanity is given the ultimate loving gift of all–free reign to create as we see fit.

Therefore, create joy as YOU see fit.

There is not a broken heart,
empty bank account,
emotional or physical scar
that can keep you from rising to the echelons of deep and sustainable joy, should you choose.

There is no soul more deserving of a better-feeling-life than another.

Within each of us exists the power to create dreams and desires equally.

The only question is: Do you wield your power with focus and intention and discipline?

Or are you a sloppy thinker?

Yes, dear one, therein lies the key to manifesting sustainable joy and prosperity.

Thoughts create reality.
Not feelings or words that are well intended but lacking sincerity.
Thoughts and thoughts alone.

Are you in charge of your thoughts?
Do you consciously guide them in ways that will produce the desired results?

You see, life doesn’t happen to you, it happens in response to you.

There is no “challenger” to beat in life itself.
We live in an energetic Universe, and like a mirror it only ever reflects
back what we are thinking. Which is good news! For it means that we are in charge of it all!

Therefore, if your primary thoughts are ones of scarcity, limitation and worry, the physical world will become a match. As well as vice versa. If your thoughts are dominantly ones of optimism, hope, possibility and anticipation of the good to come, then good will come.

So how does one most easily get in charge of the quality of their thoughts?
Through your emotions.
Yes! How you feel at any given moment is THE indicator of what you are thinking.

Meaning: If you feel good, you are also thinking good thoughts, thereby
allowing the flow of abundance to you.

Thoughts on the level of thoughts can be challenging to immediately change. Yet, if you REALLY CARE ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL and look for reasons to FEEL GOOD every day, you will also THINK GOOD.

Every day is a precious new opportunity to begin again, to dream anew and call in–with more clarity than ever before–the dreams and desires of your heart.

Begin tomorrow, and every day with this intention:

“Today, I choose to be the turned on, tapped in, conscious creator of my reality! I choose to consistently practice the offering of feeling good feelings and feeling good thoughts in the creation of my most joyous life.”

Feeling-good, thinking-good tip:
Rather then being on auto-pilot, spending the day meeting others expectations and unnecessary self-imposed obligations, pause and ask yourself:

What would I like right now?
What would feel good to me?
What would be fun to do?
What has heartfelt meaning and purpose to me that I’d like to begin?

I promise, friend, the more willing you are to pause and ask these questions and have the courage to follow the insight, the more you will feel good. And as you feel good, you will also produce better feeling thoughts, and as you produce better feeling thoughts, a better feeling life experience shortly follows.

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