Everything you desire is around the corner!

blue flowers

Beautiful Soul,
You’ve helped more than you know.
You’ve done so much better than you realize.
And you’re closer than you think.

The purpose of today’s post is simply to
remind you
of life’s pure magic.
Of how powerful you are
and how far you can and have reached.

Yet, it can be easy to lose sight of who we are.
It’s easy to fail to give ourselves credit for the miles
we’ve walked and the battles endured.

It’s especially difficult living in a world that wants to maintain that we are
finite beings fastened somewhere between destiny + luck.

Life is not supposed to be so arduous, dear one.
But it can feel that way.
It’s a result of inappropriately low expectations,
limited thinking + the inability to see ourselves for who we REALLY are.

And in case there was any question, who you really are is infinitely:
+ truly fearless.

Bright light, I know you have worked so hard.
Given so much.
Listened for so long.
I know your shoulders feel the weight of the world.
But don’t let doubt get the best of you now.

After all, you have come so far
And you are much, much closer than you think.

Remember how awesome you are!
Without you, time, space + all that is would be far less.

Keep reaching.
You are **this** close.

And that’s pretty dang impressive.