Is fear holding you back from reaching your dreams?


Today’s guest post is from Ronja over at the blog So This is What. She has been working through my book, Soul Sessions, for the past few weeks, so I asked her to pop over and share some of her thoughts on life, fear and blogging.

Hello my loves,

sothisiswhatI am so excited to welcome you here on Danielle’s Blog! My name is Ronja, and I am a blogger & life lover from Germany. I began writing my blog “So This Is What” over one year ago and what started out as a hobby quickly turned into a passion and an adventure in terms of self development, happiness, life lessons, self love and finding my inner voice. Because of my blog, I somehow stumbled upon Danielle’s blog – and I am so happy I did. I was able to work with her & her book–Soul Sessions,  which is why I am so lucky to be writing to you today.

Throughout my time as a blogger I discovered the power that comes from sharing your personal life lessons, not only through writing but also reading others stories. Therefore, I am honored to be here today to share one of my greatest life lessons to date and am deeply hopeful that it will leave you a smidge more inspired and stary-eyed.

“You never know what life has to offer and what good will come out of it” – A mantra I’ve lived by for the last few weeks, ever since I didn’t pass one of my school finals in the Fall. Not passing the exam was extremely anxiety-provoking for me and to be honest, it felt awful! Yet, surprisingly enough, this very unexpected event turned into one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

fear soul sessions

It lifted so many layers that were blinding my way to finding greater joy in life. It made me reflect on my personal choices, decision making abilities and the direction I was heading in life. Most significantly, however, I realized a great many fears that were preventing me from living the life I most desired. By far my biggest fear has always been getting judged by others, which left me not speaking up for my dreams and beliefs. Because of that fear I doubted that my own dreams could become reality. That again left me in fear of following my heart, which told me loud and clear that what I started to study four years ago was not my passion anymore, maybe had never been. Not passing my exam blew away all that fearful talk, leaving me with an inner power so strong, that I simply couldn’t ignore my heart’s message anymore.

Ever since this realization I’ve been trying to be very cautious of them, and I’ve learned that life is so much easier and enjoyable once you shine more awareness on your fears.  Because when you do, you have the opportunity to experience liberation from said fear and can then finally ACT. Act on fulfilling your dreams, act on moving past this present moment’s roadblocks and getting on with crafting the joy filled life you are dreaming of.

I realize it is easy to talk about bringing more awareness to your fears but another thing to actually do it. I won’t lie, just as with everything else, it takes work and a lot of courage. But you already took the first step by reading this and becoming aware that there might be a few deep seeded self-limiting beliefs holding you back from reaching your greatest dreams. I created a printable to help make it easier for you to reflect more often on what your fears might be. Just as you might be writing down your daily gratitude, you can start the same with the things that are holding you back each day. I think you will discover that just by naming them, you will start to grow. Head over to my blog to download your free printable right here.

Together, let’s bring greater, loving awareness to our fears and make our dreams come true!

Lot’s of love,


Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash